Saturday, February 11, 2012

Heart To Heart.

Happy Weekend Everyone!
Today, we skipped Scarlett's swim class. She has some skin irritation from the chlorine.
Instead, I thought we could sit down and have a heart to heart while she is napping.

Most of you don't know me.
I am a mere stranger in this blogger world.
Let's get to know each other.
If you were my friend, I would tell you I am just a simple girl.
I would be shy at first but give me a couple days to warm up to you.
Trust me, I love to talk.

I would tell you that I feel like I have so much I want to accomplish.
There seems like there is never enough time in the day.
I want to do something good for others.
I would tell you I have a soft spot for babies and young children.
I am researching charities to volunteer for or sponsor.

If you were my friend, I would tell you that I am overwhelmed with our life lately.
That I don't know where or what we will be doing in the next few months
And I struggle to let that be.

I would tell you that I reminisce often...about good and bad times.
And I would tell you how my soul has softened greatly in the last couple of years.

I would tell you that this week I have worried about how we will do this, or how we will manage that.
Then, I came across a blog of a mother, my age, who was diagnosed with breast cancer and after a long battle, the doctors told her there was nothing left that they could do. To go home and plan her funeral....spend time with family and say good bye to her small babies.
I would tell you that after reading that and crying for 20 minutes, I felt selfish and let go of all my stupid worries.

I have Scarlett. I have Ty. I have love.
I would tell you how I feel too many people take life for granted.
I would tell you that when I read people's endless complaining about this and that... I have no sympathy.

I would tell you that she had a miracle at her next Dr's appointment.
The doctors told her the cancer was miraculously gone!
I would tell you I cried again.
I would explain to you how stories like that make me believe.
And how I am not ashamed of believing in God.

My friend...I would tell you that Scarlett started clapping a couple days ago!
That I can't help but ask her to clap every hour now :)
I would tell you that Scarlett's has never slept through the night ever.
It doesn't bother me one bit anymore, I have learned to adapt to my precious little baby.

I would tell you that I wish I had more time for my friends.
That when I go back for short visits, I feel guilty that I don't get to see everyone.
I would tell you that I am more in love with Ty every day.
I often feel that I brag about him .
But he is so amazing that I have this urge to tell someone how happy he has made me.
What else? We need to buy a new car but the thought of car shopping leads me to procrastinate.

I would tell you that I feel like I live at the grocery store, (lol) but I'm going again today.
I would tell you that I am jealous when I see other pregnant women.
I know that it would be ridiculous to have another baby now with all that is going on.

But I still long for another baby to love...
Who would have thought I, of all people, would feel this way???

I would tell you that I have writer's block with my book, lately.
That music is my number one inspiration.
I would tell you that I secretly love watching Olivia just as much as Scarlett. ;)
I would thank you for listening.
If you were my friend I would ask how you are.

How are you on this lovely day?


  1. AWH, I love this and I feel like I just got to know you that much more!!! If we were friends Id tell you/// I'm doing lovely this morning. The Hubbs is at work right now and Im catching up with my on line world. Id tell you once again I'm going to clean my house, and im sure you'd reply as everyone does....oh but your house is always clean. Well Id then tell you I have a floor fetish and a cleaning problem as well. lol Id tell you Im super excited to be celebrating Vday this weekend with my love. I'd tell you that I want a baby but at times its scares the crap out of me, everything about it.
    Im sure there would so much more I could share with you but those are just a few things that come to mind. I hope you and miss scarlett have a fabulous weekend darlin :)
    Must Love TG.

    1. Thank you for sharing your day with me. I loved getting to know you better. PS. Don't be scared of having a baby, it all comes natural. :)

  2. This was so beautiful, it gave me chills through the whole thing. It sounds like you have a wonderful life, even through the busy and rough times. Scarlett is so lucky to have a mom who loves her so deeply. Loved this post.

  3. i love this post. this was beautiful reading your reflections on who you are... seriously. i wish i had time right now to write more on my blog... and not be so ornary with my 3 kiddos. your post made me stop for a minute and be thankful...

  4. Lauren Rebecca......these are reason I am proud to call u one of my bestfriends! Your are AMAZING, Ty is amazing, Baby Scarlett is so beautiful and extremely lucky to have parents like u two!!
    And geezzzzz I miss u! I totally understand u are one person and u cant see everyone when u come back, but we will pick up right were we left off!! :)

  5. I feel like I live at the grocery store too! I liked getting to you know you better. Oh, and I got my headband today, it is gorgeous! Now, if I can only get Kendra to keep it on. :) Thanks!

  6. You're gorgeous, and your little girl is just as beautiful. This is such an incredible post. Isn't weird how one blog post can put your entire life in perspective?


  7. Loved this post, friend....
    if you were my friend I would listen, cry at the thought of a mother having to say goodbye too soon, and say that it just shows us to be thankful for the simple gifts we have of healthy children and struggles of making it week to week financially. Yes, even the struggles are gifts. Thank God for miracles...
    I enjoy your honesty. Thank you. and I am having a good day today, my babies are well, my husband has been helpful, I saw a handful of my family today, hugged them and said I loved them. Hope this finds you well and have a happy Monday!!

    1. I'm glad things are well with you and your family. You are so right, the struggles are gifts also. Thank you for letting me get to know you a bit:)

  8. You're such a sweetheart Lauren! And such a good Mom!

  9. Hi Lauren- I just started following you and this post inspired me to write something similar of my own. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, because reading this was exactly what I needed. In my post, I linked to your blog. Hope that's alright with you! -Stephanie

  10. so fun to "meet" you. you and your family are beautiful! you got me all excited for my baby-to-be that's coming in august! thanks for linking up, gorgeous!! xo

  11. I'm a visitor to your blog and this was such a sweet post to visit. You have a beautiful family and it is understandable to want another blessing. You have a great blog :)

  12. just found your blog! cute baby! my baby boy is 2 months old! it's the best thing ever!

  13. isn't it crazy how much motherhood changes us? how our priorities are directed elsewhere? i totally understand you longing for another babe.


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