Wednesday, January 4, 2012

8 months.

Today, my heart is filled with Scarlett. She completely fills me with joy. Every time I see her little smile, I thank God for giving me such a beautiful, healthy little peanut. She is eight months old today! I can't believe it. I just want time to stop. Just for a little while. Just long enough for her to never grow up. 
 I feel like she was just born and now here I am, planning her first birthday, watching her stand by herself and outgrow all of her 9 month clothes already.  :( Scarlett really is such a good baby.  

Yes, she is growing like a little weed. The endless things I love about my precious Scarlett. The unconditional love I have for this little person. It is not possible, in words, to tell you how I love her. 

 I love how she wraps her little arms around me when I pick her up. I love how she covers her face with her blanket to soothe herself to sleep. And if I take her blanket away, she uses her tiny hands to cover her face instead. 

I love the way she giggles when I dance with her. I love her smell, her chubber cheeks and her big eyes that Daddy can't say no to. I love how she looks at me and rubs my face while she eats her Bubba. I love how she rubs her eyes when she is getting sleepy. I love how she says "thhhe" over and over. 'The' just might be her first word. Ha ha.

I love how when I read books with her, she turns each page as though she was actually reading. I love the little bald spot on the back of her head. How she falls asleep in her Jumperoo because she loves it so much. I love how she shrieks in excitement when you eat her belly up. 

I love how she takes her socks off, eats them and then claps her bare feet together. I love her baby tears when she wants nothing more, then to be held and rocked. I could rock her for an eternity. Even at 3 pm when I'm beyond exhausted, it's worth it to feel her cuddle me. Her little heart beating on mine. 

I love how she can't get food quick enough at lunch time. I love her long eyelashes. I love how she completely soaks me during bath time. How she tells me minute long stories in baby language. I love how her little hands open and clasp rapidly (baby sign-language) when she wants milk. 

I love how she will look around me if Olivia is on. I love her lint-filled toes. I love how she enjoys being pampered. She sits so still while I clip her nails, as if she was getting a manicure. I love changing her dirty diapers and folding her small little clothes. 

I love all of it in a way that is impossible to express. I hope Scarlett knows how much I love her. Not just now, but forever. I will tell her everyday. I will show her. Because she is more than part of my heart. She is my heart. 

This is for You Scarlett....(Pause music at bottom of page before playing)

Happy 8 months Baby Scarlett. Mommy & Daddy love you...


  1. New follower from Casey's page. Your baby girl is gorgeous (she gets it from her mama!).

  2. You are gorgeous ! looking forward to reading your post.

  3. beautiful daughter, so beautiful!


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