Saturday, December 3, 2011

On My Heart.

I have been thinking about something for about a month now. It's been on my mind and heart.
The moment the thought entered my mind, I immediately let it be.
But lately,  that thought keeps per-suing me. It follows me around as if it belongs in my heart.

I finally came to terms with the fact that it is something I want very much. It came out of nowhere. 

I gathered up enough nerve to actually say this aloud.
I want another baby.

I want one now. I know this is just not the time. But does it ever seem like the right time? Before Scarlett came into our lives, I didn't even know if I wanted to have kids. Spending everyday with her, has filled my heart and changed my mind completely. I love all the moments with her. Each day that she gets older, is a day that I yearn to have back.

I want a dozen little Scarlett's to hug and snuggle and kiss. I feel like it is one of my purposes. To grow little babies. To love them up. To be there for them....protect them.

I am not the girl who loves being pregnant. But, I do miss the brisk kicks, the tiny hiccups and the anticipated sonogram photos.

Am I going to start trying right now? No. There is a time everything. That season will come soon enough. There are a few things that I do want to do before I bring our next little life into this world. But there is another baby in our future...And I cannot wait!

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  1. Just read this post! How cute it this! i want one too... just need to find a husband....=(


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