Thursday, September 7, 2023

Maxwell's 8th Birthday: Lego Land & CA


Carrying on the theme this year for birthday trips, we surprised Maxwell with a trip to LegoLand Ca for the big 8! He had no clue where we were going. All he knew was that we were taking a plane to get there. He kept asking for hints along the way.  When we arrived, there was sheer excitement as he walked up to the Lego Castle! It carried on into the room decorated with birthday items for him and as they explored the fun castle- themed room! 

I was really surprised by how much we loved staying here. I figured this was going to be a trip that we did for the kids and just lived through their enjoyment. But in all honesty, I had JUST as much fun as the kids. I loved watching them find the clues throughout the resort to open the gift lego box in our room. We had pool time and plenty of snacks and drinks were served. They had many activities going on all throughout the afternoons and into the evenings including interactive shows, movies and if they weren't about that, you could play of the awesome playground for kids. The park was also a good time. Maxwell was SUPER excited that he found Mr. Gold!!  There are only 8 hidden throughout the park each day. They are with staff members and you have to go around asking for them. What are the odds....he found Mr. Gold on our first day! And traded it in for a super rare lego- a birthday moment he will remember. 

Maxwell doesn't enjoy too many rides. He takes after his Dad in the fact that if he can't drive it or control it, he isn't sure he wants anything to do with it! lol. But there were a plethora of ride options both chill and thrill. His favorite ones were the driving cars and getting his "license" as well as the firetruck race. Ty was born for that ride. He was reliving his firefighter days and made sure they won that race! ;)  Mini Land was super cool to see. Maxwell's love language is gifts. So we left with a couple bags more than I really wanted to buy him. Ha. But, you only turn 8 once! 

After 2-3 days at LegoLand, we packed up and stayed the rest of the trip in La Jolla CA. This was partly to let the kids go explore the beach and somewhat also for a bit of relaxation for Ty and I. We rented an Airbnb with ocean views and lots of windows. The rest of the trip was just relaxing. We went to the beaches, I was surprised at how cool it was there in June. We booked some great restaurants to eat at. A fav was the views at George's at The Cove and Duke's which was Hawaiian food. Loved that one. We also did morning walks to get Maxwell's favorite treat, at Dodo Bird Donuts and explored the shops and cafes. Next year will be parties and I'm already missing these birthday trips! The best memories are made during these trips. :) 

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