Sunday, March 5, 2023

VERA turned 3. (2023)


Each year we rotate birthday parties and birthday experiences. This year, we are giving all of the kids experiences instead of a party as we did last year. Vera loves flamingos and giraffes so Ty thought that the zoo would be a perfect day for her.  And IT was!! She got to feed flamingos AND giraffes so it was a perfect day in her eyes. We did have a small gathering also just because she was requesting balloons and cupcakes with a candle. Ha ha. So we invited our friends here in SA over for some snacks and play. Her gift this year was a playground. Since it wouldn't be set up on time (we slacked on ordering the install), they sent a puzzle that she put together and once completed, it showed her what she would be getting in just a few days! 

She was VERY excited. At three, all of the small things are so big in her eyes. I love her at this age. She is by far my most advanced babe. Spoke sentences at 1, potty trained in record time, spells, counts, knows some spanish, witty, sense of humor is on point, ready to learn every day! 

She is complete opposite of Scarlett at this age. Scarlett was all about animals and not very "girly". Vera is all about babies, everything girly, dress-up and princesses. The girl LOVES shoes and shopping as much as I do! She will be my shopping buddy for sure! She loves to put on "her make-up" with me the am and work-out with me whenever she sees me in my workout room. She started preschool this week and has been LOVING it. Not one tear shed, only excitement! She is so much fun right now and I am enjoying all of the toddler stages of Vera Solveig <3

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