Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Summer 2022 has been sweet...


I have so many fun memories this past summer. As I prepare to get these kiddos off to school again, I looked back on all the great photos that I captured and they hold good times within them. Scarlett did a few summer camps including, horse camp, Gymnastics Camp and Seaworld Camp. Maxwell got his much needed "down time". He's my homebody and he needs that extra time to just do simple things that make him happy. Vera spent the summer with me also, and now she starts spending more days with our Nanny. We also added a doggie to our family. Mr. Benny joined us and is now towering over the other 2 mini/moyen goldendoodles. He's a standard. These pics are from just a short couple months ago!

This is the first summer that I felt like I got to spend time doing things with the kids. Planning some fun things and I actually HAD the time to spend with them. I remember being so sad as a full time working mom, summer would come and I knew that just meant more time in daycare for them. So thankful for the freedom to do more with them this year. Such a huge difference from years prior and it's well-deserved!! We also got to spend 3 glorious weeks back in the Northeast at our Lakehouse and visiting family/friends. I have an entire post on that coming shortly. This will become a yearly ritual for us each summer. By July I am ready to leave the heat for a bit and get back to some cool weather so it seems perfect that we make this a tradition. I also may make a couple trips back solo before next summer, by myself ;)

Now as I prepare to get back into routines with the kiddos, we are doing back to school shopping, getting all the cool new food-making gadgets, meeting the teachers and helping them pick out new clothes and shoes. I really enjoy this time of year! It also means Fall is on the way!!!! But for now, I'm going to leave this post of some of our summer memories. Just a little spot to remember summer 2022 and how much fun we had!! 

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