Sunday, August 18, 2019

Weekend Vibes: The Cove, Hiking & Matching with The Babes.

Weekends lately are just me hanging out in my sweats, unpacking and online shopping. Not very exciting... so I thought I'd share these photos from about a couple weeks after I found out I was pregnant. I had not yet hit the SICK phase yet and we were taking advantage of what little weekends we had left before that and the heat hit. Because I knew both would. The Cove is a little place in San Antonio that serves organic food and has a great play area where the kids can play outside. They often have live music as well. We had some good food and watched the kids play. We also did a hike that weekend. During the summer, you have to get up really early to hike here in Texas or you will surely die of heat stroke.... ;) So we got up and went hiking at 7:30am to beat the heat.

I'm really looking forward to when I can have fun-filled weekends again with my family. After the move, after the heat calms down (it's been a 106-8 heat index for days now...) and after school starts and the kids settle into their new schools we will get back to doing some adventures again. I just don't feel completely myself yet. The nausea has subsided for the most part but I think I really need to dive back into working out 5 days a week. And I really need to be able to get outside! Right now it's like winter in NY. I'm getting cabin fever from having to stay inside! And the strange thing is the kids and I were all sick about 3 different times in June and July. It's like we are lacking vitamin D because they don't let the kids outside to play for recess when it's this hot and we just can't really get outdoors.  I'm paler now than I've been all year! Especially me feeling hot constantly now that I'm pregnant. I just need to have a daily power walk and let my soul partake in some good adventure. So for now, I'll keep dreaming of cooler weather and adventures while I go unpack up the rest of my house. I hope you all had a great weekend!

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