Friday, May 17, 2019

Life Lately: What month is it???

What month is it? Oh yes, May!! Life has been EXTREMELY busy lately. Like, more than normal. I rarely get time to write anymore and I hate that. So I'm taking some time tonight to get a few blog posts out. It's been so long since I had a wordy post that I don't even know what to say! I miss just writing in general. I started a book last year. Well I started a couple over the years. Scarlett has been writing book after book. Some picture books and some chapter books. She staples them together and reads them to Ty and I 30 times. She reminds me so much of myself when I was younger. I was so passionate about writing! I have written a couple books. But never finished them. I want to go back to writing one of them. Maybe I should. Maybe I will. I just have to find the time....
Always against us. 

The kids have been well. They are finishing up school. Summer starts the end of May here in Texas. So summer will be in full swing. We got a new puppy. Don't ask how that happened. I will tell you, it WAS NOT my idea or my doing. But regardless, we now own TWO mini goldendoodles. The new fiesty red head is much different than Cubby. I named her Basil. And she has a mind of her own. Cubby rarely barks. He rings the doggy doorbell if he wants to be let out and he is content in pleasing us. Basil barks anytime she doesn't get exactly what she wants. She won't touch the doggy doorbell and has mind of her own. Still, she doesn't fool me. She is a smart cookie, she just needs someone to put her in her place and spend some time with her. She is getting better everyday. Work is busy for me. It's busy season in real estate. Spring Market. And the kids always have something going on. I could dedicate an entire calendar to things they have going on. Lessons, school photos, fun runs, Teacher Appreciation this or build something for that, Muffins with Moms on this day and Breakfast with Mom on that day. Appts and errands, never ending laundry, groceries..... it gets exhausting. You parents out there get me. Especially for a wild spirit like me. In case you have NO IDEA about me or who I am, I tend to get bored of repetition and the mundane. Hence why you will find me traveling often. (Although, not this year since we don't have the time and have quite a few other things going on). You will see me mixing things up in life quite often. I just crave new experiences and fun in my life. 

But it can't always be a party and I try to accept that. I guess. lol. I've learned that you need balance with everything. 

The house is coming along. It's being framed and walls are going up. It should be done in a couple months. So weird to see something that was only a drawing come to life! First time building for me so I'm fascinated by it. The kids love stopping by every week to see the progress. I went back to NY last month to take care of some property stuff there and I squeezed in a bit of time with some family and friends. We had another Pod delivered here to TX and now our garage is like one ginormous storage unit. We literally can't fit in this house we are staying in much longer! 
I got a new SUV. As some of you may have seen on Instagram it was a process and a half getting it. I ordered one and it took FOREVER to get in. Broke down on a truck, the truck that picked it up then broke down....and then once they got it in it was failing the inspections they perform on new cars before sending them out. So they had to address that. I finally got it though and I must say it was worth the wait. It's OH so pretty, fast and fun to drive. I got the Jaguar F Pace. I loved my good ole Buick but my lease was up and it was time for a change. My kids aren't babies anymore so I figure I could get something a little more sporty. Ty got to drive some fun cars when we were picking out my car at the car dealership.  
One thing I HAVE been making time for as always, is working out. It is something that I have incorporated so long that it is just habit now. I feel grumpy and moody when I don't get a workout in. So it happens most days. And we've been kicking up our eating habits a notch too. We have been eating pretty healthy for he most part but I've been really incorporating healing foods into our everyday eating. I've got the kids drinking dragonfruit smoothies and eating lots of raw fruits and veggies. I've found that with Maxwell, I have to make it a game. So lately I've been telling him, "Maxwell, do you want to eat a healing orange? It's an orange that heals your body and helps you grow strong like Superman." or "Maxwell, try this Flash smoothie, it makes you fast like Flash!" Yes, it works for this boy. I can deal with him running around the house at top speed after he drinks his smoothies if it means he is getting some nutrients.  I've started cracking down on the amount of sugar that that boy eats as well. It can get out of hand if I let it.

Right now, I'm really looking forward to moving onto the next stage of life. I'm so over this tiny rental that we have been living in for over a year. I want to have organization and just enjoy the small perks of being in a house that fits us better. Until then, I'm looking forward to doing some fun things this summer with the kids and these 2 teddy bear doggies. No big summer plans this year, just a few weekend adventures. 

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