Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Weekend Vibes: Rodeo & Roseanne

This post is from a couple of months ago but sometimes I just sit on them waiting for the right time to post. And with all that has happened with Roseanne lately, I just felt that it was a bad yet good time to post.
It's no secret that my posts as of lately may look a lot more country then before. It's not us. It's just Texas. And we love that. We went to our first Rodeo back a couple months ago.  I was told it was like a fair ground. I am used to the east coast's County Fairs. The Big E to be exact. And to be honest, I was a tiny bit disappointed by the Rodeo here. In all fairness, it's more about the actual rodeo than the other stuff but I am a sucker for fair fried foods, old rickety rides and lots of animals and shows. They did have that here, was not in a traditional field of nothing (fairground) like I am used to. It was on cement that gave it more of a non-country feel. I guess sometimes you just like what you grew up doing. And in this case, I had to give my points to the Big E back home. Still, we had fun watching a dog show, eating chicken waffle sticks, which we had never had, and watching the livestock.

So now onto Roseanne. Sigh. I have had so many people ask me what I think about this whole debacle and I honestly am just sad. Sad that a show I loved (and trust me when I say I rarely watch tv) and that I waited FOREVER to return to TV, is now gone. Just like that. I will say that no one ever knows the exact true story or reasons for things.  So I don't feel that I can really speak about it besides saying that I wish she hadn't said stupid things that ruined a great show for so many.

Back in March, Ty took me to see the Roseanne pop up in Austin. They recreated an old store into the Lunch Box and had some of the cast there for trivia, loose meat sandwiches, pie, Canogo beer and signed posters. I was living my dream here!! I won a chicken sweatshirt for knowing the answers to trivia questions and I got to talk and take a photo with DJ (Michael Fishman). It was a really cool experience for this Roseanne fan. I am a total nerd, I know. The funny thing is I did not grow up watching Roseanne. I was actually too young when it first aired and I wasn't allowed to watch it when I got older. I began watching it in my early 20's,  in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep. I think it was Nick at Night or TV Land. I just got so hooked on this show. It was so real and I had never seen a show that just brought up the raw stuff that no one talked about. I got attached to it and it just never left me. I watch Roseanne every night before bed, and laugh no matter how many times I've seen an episode. I am really glad that I got the opportunity to go since, it looks like Roseanne won't be back. It was a fun experience.

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