Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Scarlett Turned 7!!!

Scarlett turned 7 this month.  I pretty much had a mid-life crisis! You would think that would have happened when I turned 30 but nope, didn't bother me. My own age has never effected me. It's always been the kids getting older that kills me. But 7 hit me harder than ANY other age the kids or I have turned. I had a bit of a melt down but then pulled myself together to rejoice in the fact that I have a healthy, beautiful 7 year old.
We tossed around the idea of having a party and inviting her whole class but ultimately decided that we had done that for the past 6 years of her life and maybe an experience would be in order for this year. Scarlett is an animal lover if you haven't noticed. It was because of this that I decided to take her to swim with dolphins at Seaworld in San Antonio!
So her day went something like this:

I dropped her off at school on a Friday. It was story book character day and Scarlett dressed up like her favorite book, Uni the Unicorm. I came back at the end of the day and surprised them all with JUMBO sized Donuts from this cool donut shop I found in San Antonio called, The Art of Donut. She shared them with her friends. At school, I gave her a card that informed her that we would be swimming with dolphins the next day and she shared some mini stuffed dolphins with all of her friends. I found the cutest mini dolphins HERE. Amazon is the bomb.

The next day we went to Seaworld and got to swim with the dolphins! A magical day indeed. I wish I had gotten more photos but I got to experience it all with her and so that was even better. After that we went to her choice of dinner at Kona Grille for sushi rolls and ended the day at the bakery where the entire place chanted "Happy Birthday Scarlett". I got Scarlett a small bag of little goodies that she had asked for. A big box of Crayola crayons with a sharpener in the back, some kids make up and a few other odds and ends from Target. She was smitten with the small tokens that we got her.

If you have been reading a while, you would know that we tend to have big parties for the kids. But being here in Texas and experiencing all of these new places, it has given me a bit of perspective and I really enjoyed having an experience with her this year instead of a party. I'm sure next year she will have her say as to what we will do, but this year as she turned 7, we enjoyed the wonder of spending time together. 

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