Thursday, April 19, 2018

Easter Eggs at La Cantera

I intended to post this 2 weeks ago but then my computer had a teensy "liquid accident"....aka I spilled a whole glass of water on it. Sigh. So here I am posting this now. Normally we spend Easter with the family. It's usually a large gathering with hearty meals, church and the traditional scavenger hunts. But since family is scattered among 4 different states across the country, we decided to staycation. For the kids this year, I put together a small Easter basket with a 2 or 3 candies and a couple small trinkets . Then I added in 1 thing that they have each been wanting for awhile. Scarlett got Heelys and Maxwell got Batman Legos. I've been trying to go lighter and lighter on the gifts during holidays. I am trying to teach them that "stuff" is not as valuable as it may seem and that experiences and memories are what matters. The rest of the weekend we acted on that lesson and we did things together all weekend. We went to see the bluebonnets in hill country, we went to church and came here to La Cantera Resort & Spa. Views were beautiful and the food was just about as good as the views. On Sunday, they held an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids there. Ty and I drank some morning spirits while we watched them run around and open their eggs. 

My favorite part of this Holiday was watching my children be kind and compassionate. There were 2 or 3 little kids that showed up late and the Easter Egg Hunt was nearly over. Their parents were trying to tell them to look around in bushes to see if maybe someone had missed any. Disappointed, the little hands held empty baskets with no such luck. Scarlett looked at her bag full of eggs and said, "Can we hide some for them, Mama? We don't need all of these." My heart just about burst. If any of you have been following a while, you know just how sweet and caring my Scarlett is. She took her brother and with hands full of eggs, they went out and hid them around the grass. Then Scarlett walked over and told them they had hid some for them. Smiles began to cross their faces as they found egg after egg. Scarlett helped a 2 year old to find some that she had hid while Maxwell cheered, "There's more!". 
I know I have said this so many times but when things like this happen, I wonder if this is just their good nature and character...or if Ty and I are doing something right to raise GOOD and caring people. I hope a little of both. Either way, those were the few moments that truly made my Easter holiday special. We enjoyed a nice church service as well, followed by dinner out with some new friends from church. 

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