Saturday, March 24, 2018

Weekend Vibes: Coffee, Wild Horses & Car Washes.

I admit that I have a bit of a traveling heart lately. I find myself caught up in the urge to see new things and experience more. That's me. Give me a little and I'll want more. Ask my Mother, I've always been kind of a wild child in that way. Not to mention I'm an east coast girl who never got to see anything off of the East Coast so the fact that we are getting to see new places and plan some trips is a dream for me.

 Despite all of that, there is also something tremendously gracious about spending weekends with my family. Just the 4 of us out exploring this city that we call home right now. Even my gypsy heart can't deny that it feels right to be doing simple things. Sometimes I plan something fun to do and other times we just get in the car and see where the road brings us.

It's on the weekends that we find happy moments like this. Sometimes it's just hanging out in the driveway listening to Leon Bridges and watching the kids wash the cars, splashing the water and giggling. Other times it's heading out to The Historic Pearl to let the kids play while we grab a coffee.
Last weekend Scarlett got to touch wild horses!! Of course she talked about this for...well, actually she hasn't stopped talking about it yet. Scarlett's horse lessons are in hill country and I love spending time there every Saturday. The beaut is unreal there. Last week, Scarlett was riding her horse (bareback may I add) when we heard the pounding of hooves beating on the ground. Her horse turned it ears and lifted his head. We turned to look and just outside the fence was the most beautiful herd of wild horses running by. They ran by a couple times before stopping to graze close to the fence. Scarlett's instructor brought her down to where they were and I watched as Scarlett's little hand reached in the fence to touch a light chestnut horse with a magnificent pale mane. Needless to say, her lesson ran an hour longer than it was supposed to. That's what I love about Texas. No one is in a rush to pass by the enjoyable, little moments. They just live them.

I decided to start posting "weekend vibes" posts, regularly- I have a few already waiting to be posted. It's a great way for me to document our life and experiences and give you all ideas for fun things to do as well maybe. PS. If anyone is in or from Texas, I'd love all of your ideas on things to do!

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