Friday, February 16, 2018

Valentines, Shmalentines.

Valentines, shmalentines. 

So Valentine's is not one of my favorite holidays. And I'm not saying that because my husband, ahem, forgot it this year. I just never really got into it that much.  Don't get me wrong, red is my favorite color to wear and I love the thought of love and romance and all that mushy stuff. But I just prefer surprises for no reason on days that have no meaning at all.
The kids on the other hand, love Valentine's Day. Scarlett made her disappointment known when she found out that I was not getting them anything for the holiday of LOVE this year. I told her, "I'm going to show you my love instead". Which didn't get a very good response rating. She replied, "You aren't going to get your kids that you love even a small treat!?" And with big brown eyes that reminded me of Puss In Boots when he begins to charm his enemy, and a pout that would make any Mama think twice, I decided I would get them each one thing to say I love you. But it WAS NOT going to be another dang stuffed animal or anything with sugar in it. I was thoughtful and got them each a gift that I knew they would use and play with often. My kids LOVE Moana right now and are always pretending to be the characters from the Disney movie. I purchased Maxwell a Maui hook from Amazon and Scarlett, a Heart of Te Fiti necklace. Of course I didn't want to buy the cheap plastic one from Target. Which led me to getting on Etsy and scrolling and scrolling until I found the most realistic and well made Heart of Te Fiti that anyone could ever want! And $60 dollars later, a well made Moana necklace from Italy was on it's way....

Shopping is my best friend and nemesis, I tell ya. But I figure I'd rather give my money to that person who made it then some big store chain, right?? I'm gonna go with that.

Oh, did I mention Ty forgot Valentines? Ha. Of course I did. But he redeemed himself by buying me some workout equipment and making dinner for the entire week. ;) It's ok babe. There's always my's July 23rd in case you forgot. (I should have been a comedian) But anyhow, like I was saying earlier, Valentine's Day is just a day where single people feel alone, couples expect things from their significant others (like me) and where people waste money on nonsense that will probably be thrown out by the week's end. Am I getting too Grinch-y here? I mean, to me, it would be so much more meaningful if Ty picked a weekend and planned something for me and the kids to all do together. Or if he brought home a bouquet of donuts (yes, it's a real thing-saw it on Instagram) for no reason.  Or possibly a romantic weekend away to just "to say, I love you"....Cue the Stevie Wonder music! I am a sucker for romance but just not really for one specific day I'm not even entirely sure why. So there's my thoughts on that.

But if you LOVE Valentine's Day then I hope you had a wonderful day. And if you don't, hey, it's already over. Either way, sending you all my love everyday!!!! xoxo


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