Saturday, September 2, 2017

Camping. Cape Cod.

I know this is a weird intro but stay with me....
Last Saturday, the Jehovah's Witnesses came to the house as the do every Saturday morning. Normally, Ty opens the door, welcomes them in and chats with them even though we are not JW. That's my Ty for ya, he loves everyone.  Anyhow, Ty was away in Florida this weekend and I was outside when they came. It was ironic because they handed me a brochure that read, "Are you doing too much?" He quoted me a verse from the Bible and then opened the brochure that read on the inside, "If you are doing too many things and are so busy with life, are you really doing anything at all?" 
For some reason, this struck a chord with me and I looked up into the sky after they left and said, "Okay God, I get it." I've always been one to load up the calendar. I take on so many things that I want to do and then I end up, often times, burnt out. This summer, I barely even tasted it. It's come and gone in the blink of an eye. We've done a lot this summer. Too much, maybe. And I thought to myself, "Did I really do anything that was worthwhile? Did I make our time matter?"
There were definitely times that I did. This camping trip for instance.  I have been wanting to take Scarlett and Maxwell camping for some time now. I told Ty that I wanted to do a family camping trip for the kids. Scarlett has been asking for awhile. So Ty took initiative to rent a camper and we stayed at a KOA campground in Cape Cod. Originally, I was going to make a few activities for us to do offsite of the campground but ultimately decided that it would be nice to do nothing but just relax there. So I went against what my inner voice would have normally done, and I made no plans whatsoever.
The entire trip, besides one dinner where we went out for seafood, we stayed at the Campground.  I was worried we would be bored, but it was quite the contrary. We actually watched the kids play. We actually relaxed with a drink and talked to each other. We thoroughly took in the outdoors. And it was really, really nice to do nothing. I should have taken note of this then but I didn't. So this little nudge was a good reminder to me as we go into the school year that I need to slow down and do what matters instead of trying to do everything and in doing that, not really accomplishing anything but stressing myself out.

This little trip was so much fun. The kids were thrilled over the bunk beds in the RV and spent just as much time in them as they did on the playground across from our campsite. We made campfire mac & cheese and s'mores, went to the camp's daily activities and spent time together in the pool. The kids played in the dirt (a lot) and made camp friends. We had such a good time that we spent a day looking at campers when we came back. We would love to travel with the kids and camp different places around the country. If anyone has any great family campgrounds that they recommend, I'd love the recommendations!  Anyway, here are the photos from our very fun family camping trip. And see the little video I put together at the bottom.... 
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