Monday, July 17, 2017

Father's Day Weekend & A Garden.

So you will notice my blog has some crazy notices all over the sides....PhotoBucket decided to change their policies and I will no longer be using them as my photo host. I'm currently creating a new blog facelift anyhow so please excuse the construction. :) Anyhow...this post has been sitting in my queue so here ya go!

I've been wanting to build a garden for awhile now. But it seems that there is never really enough time to take care of it in our household. Or that's the excuse I always give.  Maxwell is finally to an age where he can help and be involved with the garden and so we decided it was time to try a small garden. We opted to build a raised bed with a a lot of plants in it. The day before Father's Day, Ty bought some wood at the hardware store and then put together a new bed for Scarlett's beloved little sprouts. We went to the local greenhouse and put Scarlett in charge of picking out what we would plant. She chose everything from tomatoes to watermelon and corn. lol We obviously didn't plant ALL of those in there but if you see a watermelon or a few husks of corn growing in our side yard, you will all know why ;)

Maxwell was more interested in the building of the garden bed. He helped Ty with that. Scarlett ran to play with the neighbor until that was done and then came back to gently plant and kiss....yes she kissed each plant. She is one of a kind I tell ya! After all of our little sprouts were planted, we watered them and Scarlett sang them a song or two that she learned in school. I caught the most darling song that she sang to them while patting the soil. If you caught it on Instagram Stories, you know what I'm talking about. @itslaurenrebecca
"If ya got the sun and if you got the rain, and you plant a little seed in the ole' back lane, and you wish and you hope and keep the weeds down, you may find OH, you may find a root growing out from the seed in the ground....." 

I died when I heard this one because it really was the sweetest thing ever. Now we are maintaining them and watering them and hoping to see some tiny veggies grow soon. The tomatoes are already giving us hope. It's really more about the experience for us at this point. Maybe someday we will get out there and do an actual large garden, but for now, the raised bed in our patio area is just right. 

On Sunday, I took Ty and his father to the winery here in Saratoga. They have an outdoor area that does not disappoint. There is a large grassy area for the kids to run around and play. They serve wood-fired pizza and the wine isn't too bad either ;) We enjoyed wine/beer samples and delicious apps & pizza. It was a cheat day for me, for sure. Live music played and the kids danced while we sat in that glorious old sun. A good day indeed. I started a blog post to the kids that evening. It was a letter really. I wanted to write to Maxwell and Scarlett and tell them how lucky they are to have such wonderful men in their life. There father and both grandfathers are wonderful, loving people. I never finished the post know, it was midnight and I had to be up to get 2 kids off to school/daycare and work. But I have every intention of finishing it and posting soon. The only thing missing from this great weekend was seeing my dad. I hope to see him this summer to make up for missing him on Father's Day. I hope that all of you dads, fathers and papas out there had a good weekend.

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