Friday, December 16, 2016

Lately in December.

We got snow as early as October this year. I'm ok with it since I remember how warm it was last Christmas and it just didn't feel the same.
Even though she isn't wearing pants 90% of the time when we are home, this is still a favorite photo of mine. Maxwell piled all of his ornaments on one section of the tree while Scarlett had to pick the most memorable ornaments and hang them in just the right spot. I never want to forget these moments. 
We went to the tree farm simply because it's tradition but since we had already put our faux tree up in November, Ty convinced me it was silly to take it down just to decorate a real one. NEXT year, you best believe we are getting a real one. A BIG real one.
Movie night this week was "Pete's Dragon". Maxwell was really into it and Scarlett too, even though she had already seen it once. We all cuddled up on the bed that Scarlett made for us on the floor. Scarlett gave us each a blanket. It was the cutest thing. Then as the movie began....(SPOILER ALERT) I asked, "Wonder where they are driving?" Scarlett proceeded to inform us, "They are going on an adventure but they are going to get in a car crash and the parents are going to die."..............Thanks for that Scarlett. Didn't need to watch the movie or anything. 
Scarlett picked a tree for her bedroom. It was crooked and uneven and looked like it had seen better days. She said it was "just perfect". My little girl sees the beauty in things and inspires me. Sitting in her bedroom with all of her favorite ornaments and twinkling lights that Daddy helped her put on, she is right, it's just perfect. 
Shopping trips go something like this....chaos.
Maybe next year I will get in on the Family Tree....
One of the best weekends earlier this month was getting the kids up at 6 am and heading to our favorite little diner in town. Because we got up early, we missed the hour or more wait that this place usually brings on a weekend morning. It was cozy and festive and good quality time was spent together. 
A little rock climbing at a Friend's birthday.
We had cookies and cocoa with Santa at the Mansion Inn. It was such a fun time for the kids. Although Maxwell was NOT fond of Santa, he did enjoy eating LOTS of cookies. And Scarlett liked the story that Mrs. Claus read to all this kids. 
I wore this dress for Ty's 30th Surprise Birthday Party, which I plan to post about soon.  I am obsessed with all things backless. Something classy yet sexy about it. 
Hope you are all enjoying this Holiday Season as much as we are!! We await our family arriving this week-our loves from Texas, and more arrive the weekend of Christmas! I cannot wait to spend some good old quality time with the ones we love. 

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