Monday, November 21, 2016

Halloween 2016: Presenting Your Royal Princess & Her Dragaon

Presenting.......Your Royal Princess Scarlett and her ever so loyal Dragon. This year, I wanted (once again) to be the Addams Family. I mean, that would be kinda perfect wouldn't it? Scarlett in 2 dark-haired braids, Maxwell in a striped shirt? I can see it. Mark my words, next year, I will get my way. 

But this year, I caved and let Scarlett be....this. And I must admit, they were pretty cute. We attended Scarlett's first Costume Ball at school. She guided her little brother around like the Protector that she is. I always remind her that one day, he will return that favor to her. I'm positive of this. 
We went Trick Or Treating in our neighborhood this year and I was impressed with how many people were out and about. Little people dressed up running around everywhere. All while adults roamed with red cups smelling of caramel and Irish Cream. They sure know how to do it. I was also impressed with how well Maxwell caught on. He would set down his pumpkin bucket in front of each door and then as I said, "Take one piece Buddy..." , in typical Maxwell fashion, he grabbed two big fistfuls of goodies. ;) 

2016 was a fun Halloween.    

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