Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Date Day: Polo Match.

I realize that this post is coming out wayyyyyy later than I anticipated. It got buried in the other posts and somehow, this September post is now a November post. Ty and I went to the Polo Club in Saratoga for a date day awhile back. We packed a picnic and brought some drinks to enjoy. There were two options for the Polo Match. We could tailgate on one side or sit table side and have food and drinks served to us. We opted to tailgate and be more casual. We did the typical Pivot Stomp that was straight out of "Pretty Woman" and had some laughs during the break. I enjoyed this date day SO much. I can't believe we have been living in Saratoga for 5 years or more and have never been! We'll definitely be going again next summer.

Ty and I have begun doing date nights again. We take turns planning something fun each month. Last date night, Ty took me to his favorite restaurant and we had cocktails on the patio afterwards. It was chilly but the heat lamps warmed us up. The patio string lights were romantically twinkling in the dark night and the atmosphere was just...perfect.  I am planning this November date night and I'm thinking it will have something to do with a movie I've been wanting to see. A silly comedy as always.
I always say how important it is to do date nights, ESPECIALLY if you have kids. I know that having kids makes it harder to get out but it's crucial to a healthy relationship. It revives the love and often gives us a chance to remember that we are still in love. I know that sounds terrible, right? Well, those of you in long term relationships with kids are nodding. You know what I mean. I adore Ty and I know he loves me. But it takes more then knowing that. I takes some spark every now and then to light the fire again. And if you are just too tired to spark anything, then at least go out alone and have some laughs. The times when I get to have Ty to myself alone and we can be silly and laugh are the best times! Much needed times. And then those times end and we go back to the Mommy and Daddy roles and we love that just as much in a different way. We often feel revived and have more energy to give the attention that our babies desire. Balance. 
I'm hoping to post more of our date nights as to encourage others to get out as well.

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  1. I totally agree with the perspective of balance. You have to find time for each other, too. What a fun date idea.

    The Lovely Latte


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