Sunday, October 2, 2016

Weekend In Lake Placid

Two weekends ago, a few friends (and fellow mothers) and I went to Lake Placid for a little weekend away. Although it wasn't quite fall foliage season yet, the drive there was beautiful just the same. Between mountains and cliffs, grand views of lakes and peaks, winding roads and lots of green, we made our way from Saratoga to Lake Placid. We stopped at the most breathtaking road stop and took a few photos of the scenery.

Once arriving there, we ate brunch at The Cottage which overlooked the lake. The food was delicious and the atmosphere, cozy. Then we did a little shopping on the main street. We tasted wine and bought souvenirs for all of our kids back home. There were plenty of shops to wonder through. We explored some of the Olympic sites including the Olympic Oval Ring and the Jumping Complex. We toyed with the idea of going on the bobsleds, but after assessing the cold, we decided to pass this trip. It was surprisingly much colder than Saratoga. Only a couple of hours away and it was a good 10 degrees cooler. That didn't stop us from having a drink out on a couple of the restaurants that offered decks on the lake.

We checked into The Hotel NorthWoods. A hotel right downtown with a rustic feel and lots of charm. A revamp of the hotel not long ago made for a great little place to stay. We decided to pick up some hot cocoa's for our cold walk to Lisa G's, the restaurant that so many of the locals recommended to us. After eating there, it was apparent why. Excellent place with good food and drinks. Then we sat rooftop under some heat lamps with blankets on our laps for a night cap before retiring for the night. The next morning, the lake was a sight! The mist lifting off of the water was simply amazing. Such a peaceful and serene scene to wake up to.

We didn't do anything too extreme on our little weekend away but it was nice to get away and see something new, have a few laughs and RELAX. It's so necessary for mothers of all walks of life to take some time for ourselves. It makes us happier and better parents to take a few breaths. It's amazing how badly us mothers need to get away and yet we miss our babies as soon as we get it. Time away refreshes us and reminds us that even though we've been blessed with the most important jobs in the world, at times we need to just go be individuals- girls at heart with free spirits. That is just what we did this weekend. Cheers girls to a great weekend!!!

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