Monday, September 26, 2016

Scarlett & Maxwell Take 5

These two kids are growing by leaps and bounds. Scarlett started Kindergarten this September and Maxwell got his first haircut last week.  Every Fall I get excited for Christmas...I know, it's a ways away.  I used to think Christmas was the best holiday ever because we got to open presents on Christmas day. Now I know that the best thing on Christmas morning is watching my children's face light up as they see that Santa came. This summer was hard and sweet all at the same time. There were a lot of challenges with work for Ty and I and yet I enjoyed spending my last time with Scarlett before she entered elementary school. We did a lot of fun summer things.

Summer was filled with play, lots of ice cream and many play dates. We didn't go on any vacations this summer but I felt that we made the best of it just the same. Children are simple like that. They don't care for fancy vacations or lots of gifts. They are happy with a water hose and some ice cream. And that is just what we did.

Scarlett, you are witty and sweet at age 5. The things that you say crack me up. I wish I could bottle up your charisma and spark and save it for your teenage years....or perhaps your twenties or thirties...some time when you will need some extra encouragement now and again. As we get older, we tend to lose a little bit of our sparkle. Hold tight to it my darling. You are magnificent and beautiful. Every last bit of you. You are so sweet to your brother these days. Yes, now and again you get upset that he steals a toy or two from right up underneath you. But just the same, you are never cruel to him. You always find a gentle approach. We used to call him Bubs most of the time. Lately we have somehow started calling him "Buddy". When you come downstairs each morning or when you get off of the bus each day I love hearing you say, "Hey Buddy, did you miss me?"

The other day you said to me, "Mama, if you aren't nice, you are gonna get cold for Christmas." Ha!! I probably will be cold my dear Scarlett. I probably will...

My handsome Maxwell, how different you are from your sister. You won't watch one bit of tv. You have much more important things to do. You are an old soul and at the age of 15 months, I see those eyes looking around and I know you have plans of your own. Plans that you can't yet tell us. You are intrigued by tractors and trucks, tools and gadgets. I watch you at the window as you look out for Daddy on the lawn mower. As he zooms by one way and then the other, I hear you call, "Dadda!" with each pass. I know one day you will be driving around on tractor toys of your own.
Fruits and pastas are your favorite these days. You are finally starting to wean and by next month, I'm sure we will be completely done. You got your first hair cut at 15 months old. I finally caved and got you a little faux hawk....It's still long enough to side part it and you look like a handsome boy. It's hard to take photos of you lately. You don't like to pose as your sister does. I get a sense that you are more like Daddy in that way. Too many other things to do than take photos...Haha. Someday you kids will appreciate all the photos that I documented along the way. Anyhow,

To both of my littles....keep shining. XOXO

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