Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Chapter 32

32 came as I suspected it would. 

Too soon....
I figured a month after my actual birthday was as good a time as any to post about my birthday celebrations. It crept up on me as it does every year. Many times I have to stop and remind myself that I'm in my 30's. 30 seemed so old not that long ago. Often times I don't feel old enough to be married and settled down, let alone have 2 young children. But just the same it feels like eons ago that I was a teenager. 

There's so much that I miss about being a kid. That carefree spirit. No worries but what I would do for the summer or when my friend could come over to visit next. I miss a lot of my childhood friends. All the fun times we had. Driving my golf cart around the farm. Horse back riding. Raising baby chicks. Playing all sorts of made up games with my sisters. Imaginations were wild back then.  It's funny how birthdays pause your busy current reality for a moment and let us glance back at all of our glorious good times. It makes me melancholy to think of all those fond times past. And then I know that someday I will look back at the times that are right here in front of me, wishing that I could go back to this very day. So I quickly smile at those past moments entangled in my mind, and nod a gesture of contentment for all the joy they have brought me. I look up at what is right here in front of me and think..."Look at all this good stuff." 

I celebrated 32 with friends. My sister in law and a good friend from Massachusetts came to stay with us. We hung out by the pool and had good eats and tasty drinks. If you are looking for a good recipe, look no further than my Pinterest board, A Party Or Two HERE. We did the Scandinavian Strawberry Lemonade. I thought it was fitting since I'm Scandinavian and such. Later we went for dinner and drinks at Harvey's in downtown Saratoga Springs. After that we met more friends out in the city. Of course we visited cigar shops and danced to music. We went to roof top bars and had crazy taxi rides home. Ty even met the Redskin's head coach while out at Sperry's for a drink. The next day we went to the Race Track and then spent some more time out by the pool. It was a fun weekend indulging in good friends and lots of treats. Although a few of them were missing, I had the best time just the same. 

When all was said and done and I lay in my bed next to Ty contemplating how on earth I am 32....I counted myself lucky to celebrate another year and I look forward to all that another year might bring. I can guarantee you I won't be one of those to be ashamed of how old I am no matter what age...I'm happy to have the privilege of another year. Cheers 32! 

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