Friday, August 12, 2016

A Little Life Update and A lot of Pics.

I ate for the first time on Wednesday at 3:30 pm.
The day before I dropped Scarlett off at summer camp and when she got out of the car, she had no shoes on...

It's been that kind of a month.  Life as a working mother can be really demanding. It's gets crazier when it's working from home with kids....Of course, I'm glad that I'm busy but balancing that and taking care of the kids has proven to be a challenge. Maxwell's Nanny left for school already and Scarlett has only been going to Summer Camp for two days a week now that Horse Camp is over. There are days that I lay down at the end of the day and think....How did I even get my work accomplished today? Did I enjoy the kids as much as I should have? I should have worked out longer. Does Ty still love me as much as he used to? After all, I'm kind of a hot mess lately...I should make a list right now of what I need to accomplish tomorrow. How do mom's who work at home do it with small kids? I need to get to sleep before Maxwell wakes up...I wish I didn't lose my temper with the kids earlier...

But I've learned to be gentle with myself. I'm doing the best I can. Ty and I have been rotating with the kids and that's meant not seeing each other much. He walks in the door and I walk out. I walk in and he's asleep. I wake up and he's gone. And the I say to myself like I have so many times before....seasons. 

Scarlett starts Kindergarten in less than a month so I try and breathe through the hectic moments because I know I will miss her soon enough. Besides work, lately I've been trying to get our home more organized. I love a good clean, organized home. I feel that it makes things much easier when everything has a place. And not just a place but a well thought out place. This week I gave Scarlett's bedroom a small make-over, a horse themed make-over. She was overjoyed about it. I will post some photos of that shortly but for now you can see more on Instagram: itslaurenrebecca or SnapChat: laurenrebecca44 I also cleaned out a bunch of toys from Scarlett's bedroom when I redid it. Less toys=Less mess. Tip for those looking to have cleaner bedrooms....I organized most of them in the large toy closet that we have and the made a reading nook in the office. I desperately need a large, organized office spot too, so I'm taking over Ty's desk until I can sit down long enough and order one online.

The last couple weeks went by quickly. We spent some time with family at my sister's house a couple towns over. We also grabbed dinner on the lake. A great little place called Lake Local where the kids can play in the sandy beach area while the adults enjoy beverages as everyone waits for food. If you are ever in the Saratoga area during the summer, I recommend it. Another great thing to do in Saratoga during the summer is go to the plays in Congress Park. We lay out picnic blankets and bring dinner and just relax while we watch some Shakespeare. Even the kids love it! We watched Cyrano this year. One of my favorite plays ever! Also, Scarlett had her very first horse show and took home 4 ribbons!! 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place!! Then she won Reserve Champion for overall points. I have never been so proud of her!! Well, I guess I have, but this was a different kind of proud. I love watching her do something that she absolutely adores. I admit that we tried a few different things but I think that we finally found her thing. 

With work being so busy and life in general taking over, I've been starting blog posts and then not finishing them. It's really annoying to me, since I'm the 'get things finished' type of personality. Juggling work, motherhood, working out and trying to maintain a love life with my husband....not an easy task but I never stop trying. Sometimes I feel like a broken record when I say that I know one day I will miss it all. But it's true. I think about it a lot. When I'm old and gray and sitting in a rocking chair looking back at old photos, I know I will cry those big tears missing it all. It's as if I already know how I'll feel. The fact that I don't take one second of this life for granted is something that is embedded in my blood. I like and dislike that about myself. Often times I I feel as though I want to live even more. Does that make sense? Well...that's how I feel. As though I want to experience more love, more adventure...and see new places. I suppose the only thing that can be done about that is to go out and do it. Anyhow, as busy as it's been, I've been enjoying the last bit of summer. Looking forward to upcoming adventures for my little family and I.

PS. Because I have been slacking in the blogging department lately, I have SO many posts going up this coming week on The White Party that we went to, a date day in Saratoga, Scarlett's new horse bedroom and my birthday weekend! Check back!

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