Monday, July 18, 2016

Something About A Sunday.

Sundays are the best days.

They are the days when we go out (or sometimes stay in), as a family and enjoy whatever comes our way. Most Sundays we go to the Farmer's Market and stock up on fresh fruits and veggies. We relax by the pool or hang out and watch a movie together. I've been saying for awhile now that I want to start bringing the kids to church. But then Scarlett started horse lessons every Sunday and now that she has begun horse shows, it seems that it's near impossible this summer. We WILL get there though. And can we just talk about how much Scarlett adores horse lessons!? There's a whole other post coming soon on that.

Last Sunday I cut up fresh cucumbers, watermelon & strawberries, made some Ginger, Cucumber and Lemon water as we listened to the Frank Sinatra Pandora station. I poured a glass of wine. Scarlett played with her toy horses and Maxwell stuffed as many watermelon chunks into his chipmunk cheeks as possible. Ty cooked up some dinner on the grill and everything seemed just right in the world. There is something about Sundays that I love. During the week, we are busy with either work or keeping the kids occupied. When the weekends hit, they bring that sense of family time that I love so much. Everything slows down on Sundays and we enjoy each other. Life. I find myself noticing the little details of everything just a little bit more. I hear Scarlett teaching Maxwell to groom her imaginary horse. I see Maxwell organizing toys. All of the blocks go into one bin, all of the books in another. Then I watch him take them all out again. He's a smart cookie. I watch Ty flip burgers and sip on his cold drink. The water in the pool shimmers right before I dip my toes in them. Ferns on the patio sway in the breeze. And fresh veggies just taste extra good. I've learned that these calm and sometimes seemingly unimportant moments are the ones that are really the most important. The ones that I try to imprint in my mind, hopeful that I won't forget them anytime soon. Writing them down here helps. No matter how crazy the rest of the week can seem...there sure is something about a Sunday that I do love.

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