Friday, July 1, 2016

Pieces of June. 2016.

Farmer's Market season has arrived. Scarlett always wants a balloon animal. This time she picked a horse. We picked up fresh fruits and veggies to snack on by the pool later that day. 
 She has loved horses since she could speak. We began lessons this month. She is so excited for her Sunday lessons! I love watching her do something that she loves. Her eyes light up like magic. It inspires me.
 We went to see Finding Dory at the Drive Ins. This was Maxwell's first time and he did great. He slept the entire time. Ha ha. 
Our 3 year anniversary was the 21st. We went out for dinner and spent some time alone. Which is exactly what was needed. 
Had a Girl's Night In and I was pretty impressed with my cheese boards....what do you think? 
 I brought Maxwell to the lake early one morning to meet some friends and not a sole was there. It was therapeutic and Maxwell enjoyed the sand. I have a photo of Scarlett in this same spot.
S'mores. What more needs to be said about that? 
 My Maxwell Theodore is growing by leaps and bounds. His fedora collection is growing just like his Daddy's as well. 

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