Monday, May 16, 2016

We Built A Play Set.

Scarlett turned 5 on May 5th and I thought long and hard about what to get her. The girl has more than I really want her to have. She has toys, books, Scarlett-sized horses, arts and name it, it's in this house. So much so that we've done some donating lately. And toys were the last thing I wanted to bring into this house again. Ty and I had been talking for the last year or so about getting her a play set. Scarlett LOVES swinging and every time that we have to leave the playground, Scarlett cries that she will "miss the swing". So it seemed like a no brainer when it came to what we should get her. Ty and I have been wanting to save more money lately so I kind of hesitated, but when I thought about how much Scarlett would probably use it this summer, I decided it was a good move. We had no idea where to start but we did a little YouTubing and Pinteresting.....and a couple weeks later....Voile! 

Step 1. Ty measured out the area that we would be using with stakes and string and then laid out the rubber barrier as a guide. 
 Step 2. We needed to dig up the sod. Ty started with a shovel.....and an hour later with one strip up....
....he was like, "I'm gonna go rent that sod cutter down the road!"
 And boy did it save us time. Like days worth of time! So if you ever need to do this, do yourself a favor and RENT the Sod Cutter!!!
 3. After all the sod was cut up, we laid down the weed barrier. 
 4. Then came the assembly. We bought this play set from because it's my favorite place to buy anything house related. Prices are good and shipping is free. But it came in a bajillion pieces! So Ty asked a few friends over to help speed up the process. 
 Slowly but surely it came together. 
 5. After the play set was completed and anchored into the ground, Ty started to stake the rubber barrier down. 
 6. And then came the mulch. We opted for Rubber Mulch. It was more expensive but the pros outweighed the cons. No bugs, lasts years, and great for kids to fall on. So Rubber Mulch won. This also got ordered online and was delivered to our home on pallets. We had to unload bags and bags and bags and bags worth of mulch! But it really was worth it and I am impressed with the look and feel of it. 
 7. Play Set Complete just in time for Scarlett's 5th Birthday Party!!!! 

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