Sunday, January 17, 2016

Snow Day.

A couple weekends ago, we took the kids out sledding. Maxwell is only 7 months old so we didn't know how he would like the cold or how it would work out with him. Turns out he loved it. We strapped the kids in and took a long walk in the state park, pulling them behind us in their sleds. I saved Scarlett's old sled from when she was little and it fit Maxwell perfectly. They enjoyed the fresh air. Luckily it wasn't too cold out. We found a couple small hills to let them slide down. I even got the cutest video of Maxwell going down the hill for the very first time, with dad close by, making sure he didn't go too fast. Scarlett's giggles and Maxwell's wonder were enough to make my heart melt. Pretty awesome day. I love days that go down in the memory books as "wonderful".  After getting a work out in toting those kiddos behind us, we went home and had hot chocolate and whipped cream. We haven't had a great deal of snow so far this season. Not really the norm for upstate New York. I really do love snow. I could do without frigid temps but I'm kind of excited that we are getting more snow tonight. The kids love it and it makes me feel all cozy to watch it fall outside the window.

I always say that we are so lucky here in the northeast that we get to witness such beautiful seasons. I often think about moving to new places just for the experience, but I know I would miss these gorgeous seasons. 


  1. that last picture of Maxwell is so awesome. He looks like such a chunk, all bundled up in his winter gear! Completely adorable :) :)

  2. beautiful! hoping for snow flurries here soon in the south!

  3. Awe look at their little faces.. so cute... By the way I would really love to see some fitness and healthy eating posts (it might kick start my healthy eating:))


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