Sunday, December 20, 2015

Over The River & Through The Woods...

Early this morning, we got our first taste of snow this year. It was merely a dusting but we all woke up excited to see that bit of white. The forecast for Christmas eve is 65 degrees! Unheard of for New York in December, right? I'm all for having a white Christmas but it doesn't seem that this is in store for us this year. We are all eager for the holiday this year. Our home is decorated with cheerful lights and festive decor. The guest room is tidy and our fridge is stocked for the Holiday. Our weekend was spent being cozy on the couch watching Christmas movies. We had friends over to make Christmas cookies and even made some hot cocoa to warm ourselves up after a frigid cold Saturday. We are ready for the holidays!!! We have family coming from Nashville, Georgia and Massachusetts. We even have one coming home from a vacation in Spain. It is nice to think of all the family coming together in one place to celebrate and spend time together. I'm honored to be the place that we will gather this Christmas. I will be busy this week with airport pick ups and meal preparations. But I wanted to wish you all a happy and safe Holiday season! 

Also, I wanted to share with you where we got our tees. You can find them at a cute little shop, 
Sweet Tee Apparel Co HERE. 
Seriously!?!?! These adorable raglan tees!!! Find Scarlett's Here and Maxwell's Here.
 Like Sweet Tee Apparel Co. on Facebook HERE.

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  1. Love these shirts! (& your outfit!!) and Scarlett is still the absolute cutest in all the land.. ;) Merry Christmas!


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