Monday, September 21, 2015

Scarlett Says & Maxwell is 3 months.

Scarlett eating grapes. I tell her to eat the good grapes and throw out the shriveled ones.
After she's done I ask her why she didn't eat the rest of her grapes. Her response: "I can't eat them. They are all wrinkled & shivering!!"

Scarlett is such a negotiator. When asked to clean her room or brush her teeth, she always responds, "Okay, just give me some time." 

I went on a field trip with Scarlett a couple weeks ago and I was telling her teacher that Scarlett has about 40 collectible horses and she sets them up all over our house. The teacher was surprised and said, "You mean you don't have real horses?! Scarlett tells us that she has to get up in the morning and feed her horses, that she rides them and has to brush them. All this time we thought you had real horses!" Oh the imagination my girl has.

Me: Scarlett, please eat all of your vegetables or else you won't grow big and strong.
Scarlett: No.
Me: Why not? 
Scarlett: Because if I eat them, I will grow big and strong and you told me that you never want me to grow up.... (witty)

Maxwell is growing and growing and GROWING! At his 3 month check up he is weighing 18.2 lbs!!! He has gained almost 10 lbs since birth. He is still breastfeeding and doing quite well at it apparently. He is laughing oh so much these days. I just love his giggle. He is starting to enter the stage that I love. Looking forward to playing with him and watching him interact with his sisters. Maxwell is that baby that hates to be put down. He gets bored easily and tends to love just hanging out with his Mama. It makes it hard to get things done but I can't say that I'm not smitten that he loves being with me.

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