Sunday, June 7, 2015

Pieces Lately.

An overdue baby calls for some sun & relaxation. 
This little peach gets a chocolate milk every time we go out for dinner. It makes her happy. 
I'm okay with that. 
 Catching glimpses of this bump in the mirror. 
Farmer's Market Days. 
This photo courtesy of Scarlett...she's pretty good, huh?
Aaannnnd just in case the rumor is true, we got some spicy Mexican this weekend ;)
enchiladas and chimichangas. Mmmmmm.
Waiting patiently in line for a balloon animal. She got a horse of course.
Flower power. 

Those car ride selfies.
Pool days....for days....
A grainy photo but it's my fav. Love her snuggles. 


  1. your so beautiful <3 & little Miss Scarlett is growing so fast!!
    can't wait to meet that little baby boy...


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