Wednesday, April 29, 2015

35 Weeks.

And just like that, I'm 35 weeks. As I suspected, the last couple weeks were a blur. Last weekend, I hosted my little sister's Bachelorette party which was loads of fun and I'm so happy that I had enough energy to enjoy it all. I was worried about that leading up to the date. Now I'm preparing for my Scarlett to turn 4 this weekend. I just can't believe that my little baby will be 4 years old!! I think as you get older, time starts to go by faster and faster. It's bitter for me. No sweetness about it, just plain old bitter. I want to freeze all these little moments up in bottles and capture the way I feel and how life is right now. Store them away so that I can always go back and feel them all over again. I'm enjoying this part of my life so much. 

With Scarlett turning four this weekend, we are celebrating with a Horse-Themed Party. She's very excited to have her friends over for a cookout and some Pony fun. I'm trying to get our home cleaned up once again for guests. If you can't tell by now, I do enjoy hosting a party or two....
At 35 weeks, I'm feeling pretty good still. I'm surprised with the energy that I still have and even though I have moments when I could close my eyes and fall asleep standing up, I have no complaints.  I have had no Braxton Hicks this time. Which is weird since I had them every. single. day. when I was pregnant with Scarlett. I'm starting to look exactly like I did with Scarlett. A basketball. Getting closer to the end, I feel like I'm carrying him very similar now. And he's started to drop a bit which is helping with the whole breathing thing. He used to kick my sides with his little feet. I think baby boy is getting prepared because now his little feet are kicking my ribs. He has moved head down. All these things excite me and make me nervous at the same time. I'm excited to be a family of four but I also want to make sure everything is done before he comes!

I am starting to gather things for my hospital bag. Ty and I haven't even been to the hospital where we are having this baby so we want to go tour the hospital soon. It's kind of nerve racking not knowing what to expect all over again. When I packed a hospital bag for Scarlett, I packed what I thought I would need and I was so completely wrong with many of my picks. I guess the older and more experienced you are, the wiser you become. This time, I've got a list that I know will be useful. I will post my list of Hospital Bag must-haves soon.

Ty has been amazing at helping me with Scarlett lately. He was great watching her for the entire weekend while I tended to the Bachelorette Party stuff. He took Scarlett for a picnic and to the park, they watched movies together and spent a lot of much needed quality time together. I'm sure it was nice for Ty to actually have an entire weekend off, too. That hasn't happened in awhile. He also helps me get her in and out of our tub since I have trouble lifting her in certain ways now. He also gets up in the night when she has to go potty. Letting me sleep right now is the most amazing gift he could give me since I know that in just a few short weeks, I will be sleep-deprived once again. It's funny, I forgot what it really felt like to have contractions, I forgot what it was like to begin that difficult nursing process, I forgot any pain throughout it all, but I have never forgotten how incredibly exhausted I was for months straight. I prepare myself for this as I get closer to the due date.

Anyhow, I keep moving along in the journey of making baby boy. Trying to enjoy each and every moment knowing that this may very well be the last time I get to experience this phenomenon of creating a life. Cheers to 35 weeks!!!

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  1. Your belly is perfectly adorable. Take it easy at the party so you don't go into labor. ;-)


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