Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pieces of December. The Last of 2014.

  This was our first outting in about 3 months. I was finally feeling well enough to go out for breakfast with these two. Scarlett insisted on carrying this basket around the entire day. 
 I'm getting good use out of this jacuzzi tub.
 Ty's birthday was this December and we celebrated by going to dinner at the place where he proposed on the anniversary 2 years ago.
 Scarlett built this snowman that had it's arms stolen by a pup who shall remain nameless……But not to worry, we found him some new ones and Scarlett seemed content with that.
 Being pregnant calls for pampering. Christmas Mani/Pedi with my sister.
 The great thing about Scarlett attending a learning based daycare, they make the best gifts/artwork. In love with this plate that we used for Christmas Eve Cookies & Carrots.
 And some photos of Christmas this year. Christmas morning was a quiet one which mostly revolved around Scarlett and her sheer joy that Santa arrived. We tried not to get her too many gifts. I can notice a difference between Scarlett's gratitude at the beginning of Christmas and the change that comes by the end of the holiday. It becomes a, "Where's the next one?" game. Less is more. Remembering this for next year as family always gets her a lot of gifts as well.
 She loves these bug-eyed creatures. 
 Christmas Morning Brunch: Stuffed French Toast which was amazing! I used the recipe HERE, Frittata, Sausage and Mimosas. 
The first time I've felt presentable in months…ha. By the way, The Loft has great maternity clothes!
A wonderful family photo taken by my brother-in-law, Peter. Thank you!


  1. Looks and Sounds like you ended a busy year on a great note!!! Happy Late Holidays!!!

  2. Great pictures!! & I can't wait to try that french toast!! Mmmmm...

  3. awe lovely pictures, I can understand the whole toning down the presents for little ones. We tried last year to pick a few really special presents for Reece such as his bike but not go too overboard, We have done that the past 3 years and I think it is important, some children have EVERYTHING and it is just crazy.. mind you i do enjoy seeing his little face light up :)


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