Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pieces of August.

 This girl and her Frenchie.
 Date nights...
 Testing out the new pool.
 Yaddo Gardens.
 Amusement Park Fun.
 City Strolls.
August flew by, didn't it? 
Scarlett is as wild and sweet as ever and Ty has been working loads of hours. We are planning for an upcoming vacation to Florida in September & then a move 2 days after we return.  Fuuuunnnn…….right?
It seems like I've been trying to get organized and packed for quite some time now without really accomplishing much. This past week we had some free time to get some things accomplished after work but we opted to take strolls into the city instead. Of course Scarlett is always up for that as well. It's kind of relaxing to just stroll through the city and walk about. It's become a ritual that on our way home, Ty and I stop at the Thirsty Owl Wine Outlet and grab some wine to bring home. After spending our anniversary in the Finger Lakes, no wine really compares. But as wine snobbish as we may be now, lol….just sipping some wine with Ty for a few minutes on the porch at night while we listen to music is really therapeutic. It's usually interrupted by Scarlett getting out of her bed for the 15th time to go potty or needing a drink. I guess you can say that we haven't really had much time together lately. That's how life is right now. We make the best of it knowing that it's temporary. In fact today, we actually spent an entire Sunday together cooking on the grill, doing some yard work, shopping, making a big 'ole chocolate cake and eating it while we watched movies. AND I do believe we had a date night a couple weeks ago. I guess I can't complain.

My little sister and mother came to visit the weekend prior. We went to an amusement park and Scarlett rode her VERY first roller coaster. The little dare devil is not like her Daddy in that way. I sent him clips of her riding on the coaster (see that HERE) while he was at work. Clearly he was having a heart attack from his response back…haha.

Lately I've been spending a lot of free time (which isn't much) writing and listening to music. I think I've spent the last 3 nights writing in bed until midnight or so. Maybe it's because life seems so hectic lately that I have felt compelled to write more. It's always been my release; my coping tool. So here I sit in bed at 10:30 pm again…..writing this. And it may or may not make much sense or have a real point but I guess that is what happens when you are overtired.

The next couple of months are going to be stressful. We've got a lot going on and so I hope that things fall into place. I could use some positive thoughts and prayers…. Anyhow, I started my week off at the horse track to have breakfast and mimosas with friends from work. It was a great way to start off a Monday if you ask me ;)The rest of the week is filled with fun stuff. Booze cruises, a night out and more family visiting end of the week. We'll get our packing done….eventually. ;)


  1. Looks like August is shaping up to be a pretty great month!!! Praying that everything falls into place as you are needing it to.

  2. You're from Saratoga Springs?!?! Me too!! We just moved to Florida in June and your pictures made me so homesick for Uncommon Grounds, Mrs. London's, and Congress park! Good luck to you and thank you for a brief look at home!

    1. YES! We moved here from MA about 3 years ago. We love it here and I can't imagine moving away. Why did you move? Glad I could give you some memories….


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