Friday, July 25, 2014

Pieces Lately.

Ty planted some seeds with Scarlett early this spring. They quickly grew into plants and outgrew their pods. These photos were taken right after being replanted and although they appear weepy, I can assure you….they are growing big and strong now. Updated photos on them to come. Scarlett loves watching them grow and learning the process of growing plants. She counts them and names them, all of that fun stuff.

Most of my mornings are spent at coffee shops like this before work. It's ironic since I only drink decaf but even their decaf is wonderful and they always have delicious pastries or breakfast sandwiches. I've learned that sometimes it's really relaxing and therapuetic to begin the day sitting outside with coffee and the birds before a busy workday. 
We brought Scarlett to a few fun things this summer. One of them was this day. She rode on a couple of rides that almost gave Ty a heart attack. My little dare devil...
A lot of walks in the city for dinner or ice cream or just to enjoy time together. 


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