Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Watching My Husband….

Dear Ty,

Once in awhile, I get the urge to write to you. Not because I can't tell you in person, or because we are too busy, but because writing just comes easier to me. When I write things flow effortlessly and make so much more sense. Over the last few months, I have been watching you. 

I watch you get up before dawn. You turn off your alarm. I pretend I'm asleep, but sometimes I peek out of the crescent of my eye and watch you put your clothes on. You brush your teeth in the bathroom off of our room. Your head tilted as you look in the mirror.  You kiss my forehead good-bye and then I watch you open our daughter's door to quietly kiss her goodbye, too.

I watch you walk in the door from work and immediately look for Scarlett since we both know she's in a new hiding place, waiting for you to find her. I watch you tickle her and kiss her, ask her how school was.

You grab a pan and help me finish, or let's be honest, most of the time start dinner. I watch you pour oil in the pan and pull plates out of the cabinet. Scarlett at your feet pulling you, begging you for your attention. I watch you try and multi-task cooking and giving her what's left of your time.

You make sure we all have our food before you sit down to eat yours. I watch you eat too fast and I lecture you. (smile)

As you shower, I stand in the bathroom talking to you about things. I watch you rinsing off a hard day's work. With your eyes closed, you let the water roll over your shaved head, down your back. The steam thickening the air.  I watch you shave your face. So carefully and meticulously.
I watch you play with Scarlett. She gives you a check-up for the 5th time this week.
She asks to go to bed and I watch you say prayers with her. The same sweet prayer that you say with her every night- a sound I never tire of. You tuck her in and when she begs you to lay with her (even though I tell you not to), I watch you give in and you lay next to her until her little eyes drift off into slumber.

I watch you lay your tired body down next to me. You wrap your arms around me. It always makes me forget anything that I was worrying about. I turn over to look into your eyes. Your face-so solemn, calm and handsome. You pull me closer to you. I breathe you in. The distinct scent of your clean skin soothes me. I feel you kiss me and it always brings me back to that first day that I met you. Always.  It plays like a reel in my head as I watch your breathing slow.  I lay my head on your chest and listen to your heart beating rhythmically.

I watch you fall asleep and I think…..this…this is what a good man is made of.

I am blessed to be yours. Happy Birthday Ty. I love you more than I can say…...


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