Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving This Year.

Quite often throughout this blog you will find me being thankful for many things. I'm pretty sure that most of my writings on this topic are about Scarlett and Ty, which I am forever grateful for. It seems like this one day rolls around and everyone takes a look around and thinks, Wow, I am blessed. Even if things do not seem to go their way, they start to open their eyes to the blessings that surround them. If only we could do this everyday. 

Maybe it's because I've struggled with a few things in my life that I haven't really talked about on this blog much- things that make me appreciate all that I have been blessed with a lot more. But most definitely, I wake up almost every single day and I am thankful for something or other. Yesterday, we drove to Massachusetts to be with our families. We rushed around a bit but that didn't matter. Walking into a house full of family is the best feeling ever. I have wonderful sisters, loving parents, a husband who stands by always and a little girl who looks up to me as if I am her world.

 Life is good.
Food, games, laughter and silly moments filled our holiday weekend. Our hearts are full….
Now, I am back home in New York and preparing for my family to come spend Christmas with us. 
I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!
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Courtesy of Peter Castillo^^
Courtesy of Peter Castillo^^
Courtesy of Peter Castillo^^


  1. Beautiful pics! Happy Holidays to your fam!

  2. Such great pictures -- and so much to be thankful for. :)

  3. Gorgeous photographs! x

    Katie x


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