Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dear Scarlett.

Dear Scarlett,

Yesterday, you came to me while I was busy on the computer filling out resumes and applications. You asked me to hold you. You asked 3 times and then I turned to you, reached my arms and took you.  You wrapped your arms around me and I felt love. I didn't care that I had a lot to get done. I am wise enough to know that these moments are precious. I just wanted to hold you because I know that you won't ask me to do this forever. It got me thinking about you and I in the future. Someday, you will be older. Someday you will find love and get married and maybe have kids of your own. And I know that I won't have you to hold like I do now....and this makes tears fall every time I think about it.

I have so much love for you....

Even though we all grow up, I hope that we are as close as we are now, forever.
I hope you come to me when you are crying like you do now.
I hope that you will come to me so I can wipe your tears and comfort you, just as I do now.
I hope you ask to hug me with arm open wide, like you do so often.

I hope you laugh with me as we do everyday.
You have me cracking up with the funny things you come out with.
I hope that you come to me for advice and listen. I'm getting wiser with everyday that passes.
I hope that we have Mother/Daughter dates and that we enjoy them like we do now.
Beach days, park days, walks and rainy days when we watch movies all day and cuddle on the couch.

I pray that you always look at me with those big, dark eyes just as you look at me now when you ask me to rock you in that sweet Scarlett voice.
I hope that you love me forever, like you love me now.

Love Mama.

PS. We have quite the surprise for our little girl this weekend.......


  1. This post is adorable, she is so cute! :)

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  2. Aw how sweet!! I don't have kids, but I can't wait for little moments like that! So precious!!

  3. this made tears fill my eyes because i go through the same exact feelings every day with piper. the love is just explosive. and so beautiful.
    have a wonderful trip, lauren!! xoxoxox


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