Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Turtle Named Ella.

My Scarlett. She has had a love for babies and dolls since she was pretty young. Always wanting to hold babies or play with her dolls. Lately, I see Scarlett's love growing in other directions.


About 2 weeks ago, Scarlett and I were outside. She was playing in the yard and I was getting some outdoor work done. Weeding our monstrosity of a garden and raking the stone patio of leaves that seem to have come out of no where. I heard her talking to someone.

"You want to eat? You eat grass."

I looked up to see her in the grass, back towards me. I love catching her in these moments of pure sweetness. I quietly walked toward her to see if I could peek at what loving thing she was doing now. Slowly, as I looked over her shoulder, I saw a small turtle. Thankfully for me, it was a stone turtle. I don't know where she found it. Maybe it was something that the former home-owners left behind, (along with their mountains of gardens and flower-work.) But she was busy talking to and patting this little turtle.

"I pet you. I pet your head." She said just as she says to her 8 horsies.
When I asked her what she had, she gave me the sweetest answer.
"Mama, this is Ella. My turkle Ella."

I have no idea where the name came from but it certainly melted my heart. She plays with "Ella" every day that we go outdoors for the last 2 weeks or so. She let's her go out in the grass to eat and then puts her back under a decorative terra cotta pot that sits in the flower bed. We took a trip with my family to Animal Land not long ago. She was captivated by all of the animals. Monkeys, zebras, camels and especially the ones that she could touch. Ty and I were talking and we are thinking about getting her a small pet to love. It's hard to know what to get a girl who is only two. But my Scarlett is not the average toddler. She is very gentle with everything she encounters, especially living things. She is sensitive (if any of you saw the video of her crying as she watched the baby falling on Tarzan then you know what I am talking about), and she is patient. As patient as a two year old gets. I want it to be small and kid-friendly. But no dogs or cats.

Any of you have any pets that work with your small children?


  1. Awwww my girl wants a cat sooo bad and I despise them, not to mention I am allergic. I have thought about getting her a turtle but I want something she can cuddle! I don't know, let me know if you guys decide on something!

    1. I'm not a cat fan either. I wanted to get her a turtle since she seemed so smitten by them but I heard they can carry Salmonella....

  2. We have two cats and a small dog! Kaya loves animals, at one point we were taking care of 4 or 5 stray dogs. She keeps asking me if she can get a bird or fish now lol!

    1. I'm sure Scarlett would love a whole farm! But I'm feeling a little lazy about cleaning up after it since obviously I will be.... haha. Wow, 5 dogs! Bless you!

  3. Hermit Crabs are so easy to care for. We have also had frogs which were easy and lasted a VERY long time :)
    Love your blog - I am an old MA native too so I feel like I am reading "real"
    stuff here :))

    1. Hermit crab would be low maintenance.....good idea. So glad you enjoy it! XOXO Hello to my former Mass Native! Thanks for reading <3


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