Thursday, August 22, 2013

This Is Me: I'll Make You Laugh.

I'm pretty funny.
I think some people that do not know me personally, would be surprised to know that I have a huge sense of humor and I love laughing.
I don't think that really portrays on my blog.

My sense of humor isn't always visible on here because I can also be a sentimental spirit.
I tend to write when I am full of emotion, sometimes when I'm down or heartbroken or sometimes when I'm utterly happy. I write out of passion whether it's from love or sadness.
I find beauty in the broken moments.
I turn around and let them escape on these pages.
It's strange, but I think back to the blue times in my life & they fill me with a great amount of emotion.
So when I write, that comes out.
Even though I am this deep-feeling, passionate girl, when I'm hanging out with my girlfriends, I'm just a girl who likes to laugh.

 I say random things that Ty cracks up about.
 I laugh a lot. I am silly.
At times I'm a bit of a blonde. (Yes I thought the expression was "Let's play it by year" until a couple years ago.)
And I'll laugh right along with you.

My friends all know this.

And this brings me to another thing. Smiling and laughter. 
I can't count how many times people have said to me, you look so serious in all your photos or why don't you smile? 
I play it off as my photo-personality. 
But the real reason?
When I was younger, I had horribly crooked teeth. 
I tried to look for a photo of them but they were so bad that I don't think I ever took a single photo of them. 
I never got braces and my parents never made me.
As I got older, I wished that I had. I didn't like to laugh or smile with my teeth because I hated them. I was self-concious about them. I would cover my mouth when I laughed or not smile at all in photos.
Now, 6 years and $6,000 later, (I don't recommend Invisalign, just get braces people)  my teeth are much prettier but I still, sub-cautiously, without even knowing it, tend to not smile in photos.
Granted, I am naturally a closed-mouth smiler, (smiling with teeth feels forced to me) but still I find myself caught in those old habits.

SO...if you see a lot of serious photos or non-smiling pics, this is why.
I can assure you that I am happy with where I am in life and I apologize if it doesn't meet certain people's criteria for a "happy person".

Gradually, I am sure that those old habits will subside over time.

I think a good sense of humor is a really an attractive quality and I'm drawn to people that can make me laugh.
Which is why many of my friends hold a good sense of humor in their list of personality traits.

I'm funny.
Maybe not when you first meet me.
Maybe not on first impression....but hang around long enough,
I'll make you laugh.

Here's a few smiles for y'all.

This is Me. Part I Here.


  1. People ALWAYS get on my case for not smiling with my teeth. I'm so over it. it feels forced to me too and my mouth is crooked when I do. people see my pics of me laughing and say "you're smile is beautiful." But thats because in that moment its natural, I'm not thinking about smiling, I'm just happy.

  2. ahh! i love that photo of you and your little with your sunglasses on! so adorable!!

    i found your blog via casey wiegand's link up. happy weekend, friend!

    1. So glad you found me Nicole! Thanks you for stopping by :)

  3. i loved this! you are beautiful - smiling or not. like you said, just because you're not smiling does not mean you're not happy. you live in the moment - i love it. and all the pics -especially the last one and the one of your and scarlett (with the sunglasses)! have a wonderful tuesday. <3<3<3


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