Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dear Scarlett.

Your Song, Ellie Goulding

Dear Scarlett,

I'm sitting outside on our porch right now watching fireflies light up the night. There is something  about the way those little fliers can sparkle in the dark, unknown night. Scarlett, you are like my little firefly. You light up my world. Everyday, you make me laugh, make me smile, sometimes test my patience but you always show me how to love...harder, stronger. You force me to smile on my bad days.

During your nap today, I dug up old videos of you as a baby. I watched them and sat teary as I ate my sandwich. It was a pitiful sight if you ever saw one.... I just can't believe you are such a big girl already. I'm not quite ready for you to grow up. I guess no one is really ready to let their babies grow up. I love this stage of you. The days when you look at me and say, "I love you too, Mama." The way you wrap tightly around my neck and squeal in delight. The way you command, "Hold finger" as we near the road. The way you love to dance and sing about 6 or more times a day. How whenever I wear a dress or a skirt you ask me, "Mama, are you a princess?"Those curls in the morning that look like Bob Ross' hair.....Ha ha. All those moments that I want to freeze in time. I suppose this is why I am so obsessed with photos and why I love blogging so much. They are ways to freeze our memories in time. Capture it in capsule forever.

In September, you start pre-school. Whenever I think of this, I get sad. You are still so little and I am not ready to give up my baby. I pray that things will happen in a way that I can still spend more time with you. Just for a little longer....

I love you to no measurable end. My song bird, my tiny dancer, my peanut pie....Oh how I love you.

Love Mama.


  1. Thanks for the tears. Haha! So sweet. You should have seen my at my son's pre school graduation ceremony this year. I was a mess!

    1. I can't imagine! I'm such a sappy soul now that Scarlett has come into my life! ;)

  2. Replies
    1. And you are one my sweetest readers! XOXO big hugs and kisses for you love!

  3. this was so beautiful, lauren. i have tears in my eyes. time just passes even quicker when children are in the picture...i finally get it. i, like you, don't know what i'd do without the are one of my favorite things. you will always have them.
    scarlett is gorgeous...i love her spirit! sending love and wishing you all a wonderful weekend. <3


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