Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Riverboats, Eagles & Happy Babies.

I had a very busy weekend. Seems to be the norm for us lately. Bachelorette party was lots of fun and even though I was running on very little sleep, I was excited for Sunday's adventures.

I never got to do anything with my father for Father's Day back in June so I made arrangements to do something fun with him this weekend.  I thought it would be interesting if we took a trip up the Connecticut River on a Riverboat. It was another first for Scarlett. She was pretty amazed with the whole scene. We saw 2 bald eagles, a pretty beautiful bridge and learned a lot of history. Scarlett's favorite part was the dinosaur imprint on a stone that was dug out of the area surrounding the river. Planning this trip, I had no idea how much history really was involved around this river and I also discovered on the boat, as my father told his story to all, that he helped clear trees there in the 1970's. Imagine that, my own dad was part of the river's history. It was a really enjoyable time and after we finished, we stopped for lunch at a Farm House down the road. A place called the Farm Table, which I would recommend if you are ever in Bernardston Ma. Amazing antique photography hung on the walls and told stories of history.

We ended the day visiting at my younger sister's new place and then started on our way back to New York.
Waiting for the River Boat.
She was pretty excited that the boat arrived.
 Searching for eagles...
 My sister & soon to be brother-in-law.
 Dad telling his tale of the river in 1970.
The Farm Table
Happy Baby, Happy Daddy.


  1. What a great idea- looks like your dad had a great time! I love hearing about the history of places or things, especially when family is involved in it.

  2. Beautiful photos and sounds like a beautiful weekend. My aunt used to live in that area but I have never been, I hope to one day though :) Found you through Sami.

    1. It is a very pretty area. Very quiet. Thanks for stopping by :)


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