Thursday, July 25, 2013

Around Here.

Helping Daddy clean his truck.
"Turkle" (turtle)
Ant hunting.
Sharing ice cream on my birthday!
Theater in the park.
Even though we celebrated my birthday this past weekend, Ty made sure that I enjoyed my real birthday as well. He took us out to eat downtown at one of my favorite outdoor dining restaurants. I ate a vegan Falafel sandwich and drank Stout beer that tasted of mocha and coffee....amazing. We grabbed ice cream, rode the carousel and watched a play in the park. It was a perfect little birthday evening. This whole week was pretty good. Swimming seems to be Scarlett's new love and we go to the pool as much as we can. Today's weather feels like fall. It's got me a bit excited....just a tiny bit. I adore August and September but by November, I'm forgetting what I was so excited about Fall for. Yesterday was the first day in a couple months that we have been able to open our windows and let the fresh air in. Scarlett is enjoying summer camp. She goes three days a week and after seeing enough tears on the days she couldn't go because she wants "summer camp pleeeease!", we decided to extend it for another week. I don't know what we will do in August! I've got to try and find her another class or hobby. Maybe ballet?

I mentioned before that I had started looking for work again. Still have mixed feelings about this. I began getting calls for interviews already. I was surprised at this. I thought it would take longer and I was a little sad that the calls were coming in. I'm sure the real reasoning behind my feelings was that I thought I wouldn't have to leave Scarlett for another month or two. I would love to go back to work part-time. I actually love working and I feel that part time would be a perfect transition. But the real reason I would even go back at all is because we need someone to carry some good insurance. Therefore, I need full time work. Ty's job is great but the insurance really sucks ....we'll say, isn't very good. Moving from Massachusetts, we were appalled at what is offered for insurance here in NY. I keep telling myself that I am doing this for our family and I know Scarlett will be thrilled to go school. But I struggle with the thought of only being able to see her 4  hours a day before she goes to sleep. It breaks my heart. I really don't know how you working Mamas deal with it. I sure could use some positive thoughts on this....
or advice....


  1. You can do it! It is hard, but she needs it, and ya'll need it! I went back when my Scarlet was 18 months, and oh I didn't want to, but she has grown by leap & bounds in school, and I have learned to cherish our time that much more. Now the weekend is an actual weekend, a treat! Now when I pick her up I drink her in every day, just hugging and smelling her, now I want to play in her playhouse bc I want to, not just bc I should! You can do it!

    1. Yes, I know she will definitely love being in school. I know it will be extra special when we do spend time together, too. Thank you for your support :)

  2. I've never commented before but this post prompted me to - I have a 5 month old baby girl and I work full time as a lawyer. It is tough to leave her every day, and toughest of all is in the morning actually walking out the door. The days go by quick when I'm actually at work, and no amount of bad day can erase the warmth to my heart that my baby's smile brings when I come home. It's probably different with a toddler, maybe even better because she will be occupied with school and surrounded by new friends and new experiences.
    That's not to say it won't be hard to leave her. But you seem resilient - you will adapt, and the best part of your day will be seeing your sweet girl every day and sharing exciting stories about your days' events. Good luck with your interviews!

    1. Thank you Chantal for your advice. Anticipating changes sometimes is worse than the actual change. We'll do what we need to and see how it goes. Thanks again! xo

  3. I work from home--it seems to be a good balance. But I do find myself stretched thin.

  4. I just have to say - Scarlett's striped legging outfit is one of the most adorable things ever! :)


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