Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wedding Story Part II

If you didn't read part I, you can do that Here.

My older sister and Matron of Honor, Erica, rushed into the room and sat me down. "Get me some soap and water!" She yelled. I don't remember much of this part besides mumbling over and over, My dress is ruined, I'm gonna walk down the aisle in a dress full of make up. I'm so stupid! 

I'm pretty sure I was crying though since Erica turned to me, as calm as ever she spoke loudly, "Stop crying! This will come out. Trust me. Stop crying or you are going to ruin your make up!" I said ok and watched as she laid a towel under each layer of my dress and drenched the areas with soap and water. Amazingly, the large make-up spots started to disappear. One by one, I watched my bridesmaids soak out the foundation and I could feel myself calming. When all was done, I stood up and looked down to a completely clean dress. Not one spot showed even a smidgen!  I couldn't believe it!! My sister once worked at a Bridal Shop and thus she knew exactly what to do. The fate of my day lied in her hands in that moment and she took the role of Maid of Honor to a whole new level by truly saving my entire wedding day. And so I thank you again Erica.

I took my dad's arm and hurried down the stairs to make my big entrance. I stood on the farmer's porch to the countryside hotel and watched as my bridesmaids made their way down the green. My heart was pounding, hands shaking, and the hot weather was making me hotter than I already felt. The adrenaline from the incident had me feeling worse than before. My stomach was in knots and I started to think I might vomit. The coordinator gave us the queue to walk and slowly, nerves or not, we made our way down the rose petal covered aisle. I saw Ty standing there in front of the minister. Little did I know that he had heard what had happened and was panicking for me. But as I took my first few steps I  looked up and saw his eyes on me. He had a calmness about him and all at once, just like when we first met, every single bit of anxiety, fear, jitters left me. I was calm. Everything felt the way it should. Everything made sense. 
Walking down that aisle, scenes flashed in my mind. The day I saw him jogging by, the night I knew I was falling in love with him, our first dinner together, our first kiss, the day he told me he'd love me forever, watching him hold Scarlett for the first time. It was an old projector in my head reminding me of all that we were and why we were there. 
I was there for him, he was there for me.
All those mishaps that shaped the character of our wedding suddenly became details. They were not important. All that mattered was him and I. I hugged my dad and took Ty's hands. As I stood there with Ty listening to the minister speak, I felt pure happiness.

We said our vows. I watched Ty's lip quiver as his teary eyes struggled to keep it together when I lost it a bit saying my vows. I'm pretty sure there wasn't a dry eye there. We kissed, they announced us Mr and Mrs LaFountaine & as we walked back down the aisle to Ray Lamontagne's 'You Are The Best Thing', I knew that this day was going to remembered as one of the best days of my life. After the wedding ceremony, there were more tears as I hugged and repeatedly thanked Erica for stepping up and saving my day and of course to all my bridesmaids for helping. Our wedding was a blast! It was fun, exciting and full of personal touches!

I think a lot of people have an idea in their head that the only way their wedding day is going to be perfect is if nothing goes wrong. But your wedding day is just another day in this imperfect world. Things will go wrong. What you have to remember is that your day will be perfect because you are there for love. My biggest advice to soon-to-be brides, let go of all those little things. Take a few deep breaths and make the day about love, not details. That and don't apply make up after your dress is on ;)
I am now MARRIED!!! As strange as it is to write my new last name, I'm so very happy and looking forward to all our future holds.

And I need to say thank you to the following:

My Mother and Father for being amazing parents. Mom, thank you for helping me find vintage treasures. 
Erica for being a true matron on honor.
Kalin for helping me write and sing Ty's song. You are a talent, go out there and use it girl!
Shauna, Aleta, Billie, and Lindsay for  being the most beautiful, caring bridesmaids ever. You all rock!
Matt, Sean, Peter and Jeff for being amazing groomsmen & friends to Ty.
Elyssa for being a wonderful flower girl and helping Scarlett down the aisle.
All of our family and friends who came to show us love from near and far. We love you all!

I am waiting on photos that I can't wait to share with you all. I plan on doing a wedding post on how I planned my wedding, details, how I stayed on budget and tips for a frugal wedding. I also plan on sharing my vendors, some wedding video and the song we wrote for Ty.

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