Sunday, May 12, 2013

Things I'm Loving.

Warm sunny days in New York.
The way Scarlett says "baby soup" (bathing suit) Just too cute to correct.
The smell of sun tan lotion on our skin.
Iced Tea with LOTS of ice & lemon.
Opening the mail to find wedding response cards.
Fresh flowers in the house.
Pool days.

Outdoor Dining.
Listening to Scarlett in the back seat, sing along with me to the radio.
My new living room rug. (check back this week for a living room post)
Trips to the greenhouse.
Saltwater Sandals.
"Come on, Mama!" 


  1. Baby soup...I love it! Scarlett's wardrobe is amazing! I want it in my size! :). Hope you're all having a sweet weekend! Xoxox


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