Friday, May 24, 2013

Late Night Thoughts.

(Photos from this past weekend.)
Shoes: Zara
Cat Dress: H&M

So here we are, less than one month before our wedding. How do I feel about that? 

Pretty excited!
There have been quite a few points along the last year or so that I wanted to forget the whole wedding and just elope. Ha! But now that things are coming together and falling into place, I'm more excited that our family and friends can come share this day with us. Despite the money, planning, stress and hassles of planning a wedding, I keep reminding myself that my love for Ty is really all that matters. It's a lot of back and forth every weekend from New York To Massachusetts. In fact, I'm packing up again tomorrow I guess since it's midnight,  and leaving my loves to go back and tend to more wedding stuff & one of my bridesmaid/friend's wedding shower. I'm tired. You would think that staying home with Scarlett would give me free time to relax. That isn't so. Scarlett is slowly letting go of her afternoon nap and my two year old is an attention craver. She loves my undivided attention and as much as want to give her every bit of me, I do have a lot to get done in 3 weeks. Ahhh!!  

On another note, Scarlett had me laughing tonight. Usually when I put her to bed, she asks for "Sleeping Baby" and "Blankie". Tonight, she asked for those two things and a book. Confused by this, I told her that we already read books. She insisted so I gave her a book. She tucked it in beside her and pulled her blanket up to sleep. Ha. Oh that babe!

What's new with Ty and I? Well, as much as I'd like to leave you with some juicy drama about our life, to tell you the truth, everything is the same....wonderful. I often wonder if people get sick of hearing me say that. But I'm not going to lie, we are really, really happy right now. 

I've started to think about going back to work. I have mixed feelings about this. I love getting dressed up every morning, grabbing coffee and heading out to work but I also love spending every precious moment with my two year old. My two year old that is growing up so quickly before my very eyes. I think about if I would have gone back to work 3 months after she was born like I had planned and I can't imagine it. But now, she's 2 and I can tell she's starting to want more. She loves when I drop her off at the gym playroom, or going to dance where she can dance and sing. I hate to admit it, but she is thrilled to leave me and go explore and learn. So I know that she would be over the moon to go to preschool 3 or so times a week. I originally signed her up for 2 days a week, 3 hours a day. I'm thinking that isn't going to work out if I really want to go back to work. And the program was more of a play-based preschool. I want her to learn something since she's definitely ready to absorb some more knowledge. 

I took a day and went to visit a new preschool that was recommended to me, just down the road from our house. It is a state of the art, brand new, school catered to toddlers. I was surprised by how much they had to offer. A Library for her age group, themed rooms to teach them about the real world (post office, school, grocery store, etc) a gym with mini-sized equipment, all bathroom facilities miniature-sized to accommodate them, brand new playground and lots of indoor play toys. The teachers are all equipped with iPads that link right to the parent's iPad/iPhones so that the parents can ask the teachers a question at any time of the school day. The teachers also input everything that the children do throughout the day. If I want to see what Scarlett ate for lunch? I just go to the school app and look to see what they fed her or if she napped. With only 10 kids per classroom, and 2 teachers per class, I felt confident that Scarlett would receive enough attention. It seemed that it was too good to be true. Scarlett, of course, didn't want to leave and so I came to the conclusion that this fall, I will put her in this learning based preschool and go back to work part-time. What will I do for work? Haven't a clue. 

But after the wedding, I plan to put my resume back together and head out in search of one. The area that we live in here is a lot different than the small-town I'm used to. To find a job back home was like finding a needle in a haystack. Here, my options are good. Well, those are my late night thoughts for the night. 

I guess I should put my lap top away, snuggle up to Ty & fall asleep before Scarlett starts calling, "Mama, WAKE UP. I have der-tee diaper." ;)

Good-night loves!

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  1. Wow, the preschool sounds amazing, so unlike what we have here (in Belgium). Education is good, but my daughter is in a class with 20 other kids and most of the time just one teacher. If you're lucky, you know once a week if she's been eating well, being a good girl and so on. But anyway she loves it and she has grown so much since starting it. They really need it, but they also love coming back to their mama :-)

    And good for you that you want to get back to work part-time, I'm sure you'll find something that makes you happy and fulfilled!

  2. Love both of your dresses. I'm a sahm, for 6 years now. My daughter will be going into 1st grade, all day in Sept. My hubby wants me to go back to work, but I really love being home. I'd love to just clean & get the house organized.

    1. It is definitely nice to relax and take care of all the things around the house that a lot of times get neglected if both parents work.

  3. Love your blog girl! Such lovely pictures...and I love your dress!!

  4. Less than a month until your wedding. Ah you must be so excited!!
    I LOVE this H&M dress. How long ago did you get it? I didn't see it online.

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  5. I just realized that your daughter's dress is from H&M lol but I meant to ask you where your dress is from?

    1. My dress was from H&M too:) I got it about a week ago.

  6. Oh my goodness....her shoes!!!! Just adorable. And you look gorg as always my dear. :) Thanks so much for linking up for the BEST OF last week!!!
    xx, kristen

    The Mrs. and The Momma

  7. Love everything! What a gorgeous dress and family!

    Have a great week!


  8. Love the mom/tot fashions. Your dress is so vintage chic. I'm really into lace and eyelet right now.

  9. I am loving that ring. And your dress is simply stunning!! Love lace and this one is just perfect :)

    Found your blog via the linkup. If you have a sec, hope you can drop by my blog too and read my latest:


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