Monday, April 29, 2013

Slow It Down.

Between sending out our wedding invitations, traveling back to Massachusetts to sell my house, Walking the March of Dimes and trying to bring some spring into our home, it's been a busy weekend. That seems to be the new norm for us. But no matter how busy it is, there is always time for ice cream. Which is exactly what we did on Sunday to slow down. 

Sometimes it's hard to slow down from the pressures of life. 
But it's necessary. And when you do, you start to enjoy the little things. 

The little things like....Scarlett had her first ice cream cone. Well, it wasn't her first but it was the first cone that she could hold all by herself. That counts. I've been doing a little gardening. This is a whole new experience for me. (Pics to come) But I have a love for flowers so I figured why not? Besides a sudden bought of allergies, it's been fun going to the nurseries and picking out plants and flowers. I've never had allergies and don't know why they've all of a sudden decided to come on, but they are not fun! It makes me think about little things that people take for granted. To go outside and enjoy spring without having to take a Claritin is something I took for granted. It reminds me to be thankful for all the little things that I don't even think about. 

Selling my first home was a piece of cake. We decided that it needed to be done since we never used it. It showed 6 times and sold in one week. As I walked through for the final time, I had a rush of emotions come over me. I'm not good with letting go. Every little detail holds a place inside of me. Even if they aren't special memories, I still feel like I need them. I thought about how we brought Scarlett home from the hospital to that house. I thought about how we mulched the gardens and mowed the grass. How I painted every wall in that house and how I bought it all on my own. 

But as soon as I closed the door and walked down those steps, I thought about how I'm going home to create new memories in our New York house. I decided that it wasn't letting go, but merely moving on. Simple.
And I'm pretty sure that's why I came back to New York in a big hurry to garden and buy pretty things for our home. 
Scarlett's bow headband:c/o  Little Gems Creations

Artwork waiting to be hung.

 Paper cups keep her busy.

A little grocery shopping in our pajamas...why not?


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  1. Scarlett is so cute holding her ice cream! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Gorgeous! I love it, thank you for putting her in my headband!

    1. Thank you for sending it! Scarlett is a sucker for cute hair accessories! XO

  3. Love everything...Scarlett in her sweet outfit enjoying her cone...her pushing the cart in her pjs (I bet everyone stopped to stare at her sweetness)...your invites are so pretty! Congratulations on selling your house! Have a beautiful last day of April! Xoxox

  4. Your invites ate beautiful! You look fantastic as always and of course princess Scarlett. The cutest

  5. look so fun! i love the way you write!

  6. Both you and your daughter are beautiful :)
    Where did you find that fabulous blue piece of artwork?! We recently repainted and I'm looking for new stuff/nesting like crazy haha.

    1. The two bigger ones were both from HomeGoods! My fav place besides vintage shops and antique stores. :)

  7. Love your little girl's headbands, my little girl won't keep them on very long! Love the invites.

  8. I remember what it was like to leave that first house where so many memories where made! Enjoy your new journey:)


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