Friday, April 5, 2013

Meet My Bridesmaids

My wedding is 76 days from today!!

I'm excited, nervous and mostly happy that I can officially be tied to the love of my life, for the rest of my life. Wedding planning is so much more fun when it's not your 
I was thinking about wedding plans 
and it came to mind that I am so grateful that I have such wonderful bridesmaids in my wedding. 
Great friends that I am so happy can share my day with me. 
I thought I'd share a little about these wonderful girls. 
Here they are, in no particular order.

Kalin- My little sister. Amazing singer and songwriter, crazy talented, recently engaged, graduating this summer from college. I tell her we need to go into business together, I'll write the lyrics, she writes the song. Taylor Swift has nothing on her ;) So excited to see my baby sister growing up!

Lindsay-My close, caring friend. Been there through a lot of tumultuous times. She's getting married in August (I'm in her wedding also!). She listens to all my sob stories & gives great advice since our lives have mimicked each others the last few years. She's my wedding planning pal. I kid with her that we are going to be like Kate Hudson and Anne Hatheway in Bride Wars...Haha. I love her.

Erica- My older sister, maid of honor, coordinator with amazing vision on planning & decorating. She is my decor advisor baby sitter. Ha ha. That last one may seem insignificant but when we travel back to Massachusetts and I need to meet with wedding vendors, this one is a HUGE help and she takes my Scarlett without question anytime! I miss living closer to her. We used to have such fun days out together.

Aleta- My newest friend, but she's been helping me with wedding advice since before I asked her to be my bridesmaid. I met her through my fiancé. A Hard working, college student with a sense of adventure. This girl is also a workout guru. We always have fun together whether it's dancing or hilarious girls weekend vacas!

Shauna- Ty's sweet younger sister who I have become very close with. She's fun, energetic with a sense of style like no other! My go-to style advisor ;) Also graduating this spring for Fashion and merchandising....of course! I talk to this girl pretty much EVERY day.

Billie-One of the best friends I have ever had. Been there through it all. She was my doula, my supporter, the one I peed my pants laughing with, ex co-worker who I miss working with SO dearly. Just the most genuine person I have ever met.

I love these girls. They are all so very important to me. I want to say Thank you girls for being my friend!!


  1. So happy for you. its getting close :)

  2. I love this post! So sweet ! How exciting your wedding is just around the corner!!


  3. 76 days! So exciting! Such a sweet tribute to the special friends and family in your life! Xoxox


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