Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Quick Style Tips for Busy Mamas.

Quick Tips For Busy Mamas

Since I've had Scarlett, a lot has changed. Having a baby is a huge blessing and a huge adjustment.
 Time always seems crunched so I've had to figure out ways to get things done quickly. 
This applies to everything, including my beauty routine. Here are some quick tips for all you Mamas on the go or even for you non-mamas in a time crunch.

I've adapted to having less time to do things at my leisure. 
My quick tips in a time crunch?

1. I learned the hard way that packing a whole diaper bag and then remembering to bring my own purse was not only a hassle but a whole lot to carry around. Splurge a little on a designer baby bag. Even TJ Maxx has some great diaper bags that look chic. This way, your diaper bag can double for your purse, letting you stash everything in one bag instead of two or more. I can't tell you how many times people have complimented my handbag, not knowing it was my diaper bag. Splurge here or save here.

2. Don't have time to do your hair? Lucky for you, the messy bun is in. Knot up your hair any ole' way. It's sure to look put together if you throw on a little make-up with it. Another great idea if you don't have time to curl your hair, is the Friar Tuck or the Bantu Knot Curls. 

3. It happens a lot to me.  I rush to get us all ready and in the car and then realize I didn't eat. Keep some snacks in the car or in your purse. I like Granola bars, Fruit bars or Trail mix for a quick snack to tie me over.

4. No ambition to go digging in your closet for something to wear? I have a pair of go-to boots that help me get dressed quickly. I can wear any pair of skinny jeans and a plain old tee. I find that instead of going into my closet and searching for something to wear, I can just throw anything on and my wonderful riding boots and infinity scarf can make it look not-so-plain.

5. I often don't have time to put on full make up. I am not one of those naturally gorgeous women who never has to wear make up. This one tip helps me weekly. Even if you can't do anything else to your face, curling your eye lashes and applying mascara wakes up your eyes and helps you look more put together. Especially if you have light lashes. It's the one ritual I never skip. I also find that the less expensive mascaras work just as good as the expensive ones.

6. The best idea yet! Have a back pack of fun things packed up for your toddler at all times. Crayons & coloring book, maybe a toy or two, a snack or some small fun items like a slinky or stuffed toy. Keep it in the closet where your toddler/child can't get into it. When it's time to go, grab their bag and be off. You know they will keep occupied with a few of their favorite toys that they don't get to play with everyday.

7. Speed dry nail polish. It speaks for itself. When you don't have much time, you need those nails to dry quickly. I tend to use speed dry or 60 sec dry nail polish like Revlon's Top Speed Nail Polish.

So now you give me some of your quick tips. I always love hearing ideas for busy mamas.


  1. Great tips, I think I follow all of them...except for the hidden backpack of fun things. Great idea! I have the emergency bag of clothes and snacks in the car, but never thought to make one with toys, coloring books, etc. Love!

  2. great tips for everyone! i don't have a baby, but i love the bag you chose here. and who doesn't love a messy bun? so excited that i won the giveaway and get to be your top sponsor here! looking forward to reading more of your blog to.
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  3. awesome tips!! i love the one about keeping one bag rather than purse/diaperbag. i've been thinking that lugging around two bags at a time is going to get old quick! quick-dry nailpolish is the best!


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