Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pieces, Lately.

Lately, life has been good.

A lot of traveling happened over this past weekend. I get sick of traveling sometimes.
The good thing was, I wasn't traveling alone this time. Ty came with me and this always makes me happy.

We had a few unfortunate & annoying mishaps occur while we were away. These things are part of life  and I am learning to tame my dramatic antics and move on. Ty helps me with this, a lot. He always reminds me that it isn't important. He's right. There's good in everyday if we look for it.

...and Seriously, the things that make me the happiest are the silly little occurrences that people act out daily and don't think twice about.
Like this weekend for instance:
Eating breakfast in a quaint, little restaurant on our way home to New York.
Scarlett sipping some juice, the smell of french toast, my decaf coffee warming my hands and Ty sitting across from me.
I soaked it in.
We watched Scarlett venture through the country store discovering candy & kittens.
Lately, I can't seem to keep up with her.
She's as fast as lightening and full of spunk.

We returned home on Sunday.
Scarlett always seems happy to be back home after our long trips.
I found her playing contently in her room with two or three of my blouses on.
She's already sharing my clothes...

We are home again and I'm back to planning wedding things, Scarlett's birthday, and finishing up the decor in this house.
I can't believe how quickly our wedding is approaching. June will be her before we know it.
I am so very ready for winter to be over.
We did a little shopping for spring clothes in hopes that it would speed up the process. ;)
Any excuse to shop is a good one, right?

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  1. I agree! I'm over winter, too! Your family is beautiful :)

  2. glad to hear ty was able to travel with you!! omygosh, the photo of scarlett drinking - adorable - her little bow and plaid shirt are so sweet!
    i hope the week has been good to you. <3<3<3

  3. Love your style and your daughter is adorable! I agree that you need to enjoy the moments in life that sometimes pass us by. Last night I just watched my BIG, beautiful Akita, Baron, drink from his water dish. He slurrrrrrped as loud as anything you have ever heard and comes up for air with water sprinkles all up his nose and face. I just marveled at how cute he was!

  4. Scarlet is absolutely adorable with such a wonderful smile and eyes. Good to appreciate all of the small things. Definitely minimizes the "irritants" in life and puts them in their perspective.

  5. Your little one is such a cutie, great selection of images



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