Monday, December 17, 2012

Pieces of a Busy Week.

Right now, we are in the midst of unpacking. 
I am sitting here in the middle of our house full of boxes & wet painted walls, wondering how this is all going to get done by Friday! Sleep will be little and far between these next few days. I'm taking a moment to breathe as this week was a blur.  We spent Saturday packing up our things in Massachusetts & driving our things back to New York. We spent Sunday unloading it all in the snow & then reloading more stuff up at the previous New York address. It is not easy to have things in 4 different houses.

I am so excited to finally have everything all together in one place. Our new quaint little home. It's nothing over the top or elaborate. It's a relatively small home with original details. Back in our small home town, you can get a lot of house for what we paid, but here in New York, houses are a bit more expensive.
Bottom line, it's ours. (happy dance) And that is all we want. It will be nice to tell Scarlett we are going home and not have her wonder exactly which house that is.
I really don't have much time to spare! 5 days & counting until my family arrives & there is much to do.
So it's back to work for me.

Leaving you with a few pieces of life lately...

1. Scarlett looks out the window searching for Claus (Santa) often.
2. Ty diligently sanding the furniture that I absentmindedly forgot to prep...oy vey.
3. A birthday celebration with just the three of us.
4. Scarlett watched the swimmers for quite awhile. It's a toss up between winter dance or winter swim class.
5. After 3 visits, someone finally sat with Santa. If only I knew that a book reading would do the trick, I would have asked him to read one the first time ;)
6. U-Haul stop.
7. Decorations that I found on the side of the road for FREE! That's right, free! I was just thinking how our home wasn't going to have much Christmas cheer in it this year since we don't have time or the money this month to go buy all new Christmas decor. Then, like a heaven-sent answer, I drove by this on the side of the road. Tags still attached!! God answers even the smallest prayers.
8.Taking a break from moving to enjoy some fried pickles. A favorite for all 3 of us!
9.We won't be sad if we never have to move again!

PS. I'm guest posting HERE at this beautiful blog today!


  1. It's a fantastic feeling when you're finally moved in isn't it. I love the photo of Scarlett on Santa's lap, very cute. And I'm still in shock that you found those decorations on the side of the road! They're really nice. Amazing. I hope that you settle well into your new home.

  2. Excited for you!! With how busy you are, you still made time for fried pickles - awesome! :) the photo of Scarlett and Santa is precious!! Wishing you a wonderful week ahead (and at least a few hours of sleep)! ;)

  3. Found your blog on Hanna's. Love your pictures, they are fabulous. Looking forward to following you and reading your posts.

  4. Such cute sincere photos.

    Visiting from Monday Mingle.

  5. I just love God's little *kisses* to us when something happens like that!! :)


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