Sunday, November 25, 2012

We Gave Thanks.

My sister made this amazing, home-made pepper jelly (above) & gave us each a jar. Delish.
We have so much to be thankful for this year. The night before Thanksgiving, just like I do every night, I said a prayer thanking God for all that he has given me this year. For Ty who rescues me time & time again. For Scarlett who teaches me the wonder of small things, patience & the meaning of love.
For my family. Friends. Life. A home. Love. Most of all, love. 

I got to spend Thanksgiving with my family this year. It was really lovely to catch up with everyone. My older sister, Erica, hosted it at her house. She always puts on a great display of food & her hospitality is superb. We ate until we were about to pop, laughed (as we always do), and spent time just being together.  Scarlett was sick with a bad cold for Thanksgiving but she was a trooper & made it through the day. She enjoyed playing with her older cousin. 

Many of my most happy moments happen with my family surrounding me. 
This was no exception. I realized I miss my family tremendously. The short holiday was not long enough, but I am thankful that they are all traveling to New York to spend Christmas with us at our new home. I am really excited about this! After Thanksgiving at my sister's, we went to Ty's family's  for another yummy meal. On Black Friday, we decided that we would furniture shop for our new place. We went to one of my all time favorite Vintage Shops. It's an antique shop in Massachusetts that has the most amazing vintage treasures & furniture! I was in my glory. And I was happy to be supporting a local business. Needless to say, we ended up coming home with a truck packed full of treasures.

We are home relaxing on this Sunday, preparing for a VERY busy December full of moving, decorating, & getting settled.
This year, we gave thanks for all the wonderful things in our lives.  I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving, too. 
(Scarlett is wearing the dress that I wore when I was her age, 26 years ago.)


  1. What a wonderful, love-filled day!! So sweet that Scarlett wore your dress from when you were her age - it's beautiful!! Hope Scarlett's feeling better! Have a great start to your week!


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